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IMC: Management

You can pursue the Management specialization as an area of emphasis in the full IMC degree program. By sharpening both management and communication skills, professionals who specialize in Management graduate from the IMC program ready to transform the communication processes of any organization for the better.

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You should pursue Management if...

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You're interested in:

  • Developing leadership and management skills
  • Ethics and legal issues relevant to marketing managers
  • Negotiation and position bargaining
  • Information and technology management
  • Human resource management concepts
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Your dream job title is:

  • Promotions Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Communications Director
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Director of Marketing Operations
  • Product Marketing Manager
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You're looking for:

A master's degree program – Management is an optional area of emphasis in our renowned online IMC master's degree program.

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Management Courses

BADM 622: Financial Statements Analysis

This course provides an overview of the current financial reporting process, including discussion of the respective reporting vehicles, financial statements, and the alternatives available which affect the reporting process.

BADM 644: Legal Environment and Ethics

An overview of the legal system and the legal and ethical issues relevant to business decision-making, planning, and the interface between business, government, and society.

BADM 623: Strategy

This course considers the relationship between the individual firm and the forces of the global economy with market research and strategy and provides analytical tools and frameworks used for identifying and analyzing key strategic issues facing firms today.

IRL 543: Negotiation Strategy

Students will be exposed to the theory and practice of both principled negotiations and position bargaining, extensive role play and technique building exercises for individual and team negotiations, and detailed preparation methods for all types of personal and professional negotiations.

The Management courses prepare you to:

  • Understand how to utilize software tools for the purpose of business decision-making
  • Master the art of individual and team, personal and professional negotiation
  • Intelligently discuss principles of leadership and explore how these principles affect traditional human resource management topics
  • Address legal and ethical issues relevant to business decision making and planning
  • Utilize leadership best practices in order to motivate and support an organization’s workforce
  • Successfully lead the management of information and technology in business

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