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Focus your knowledge base with an online graduate certificate in a specific communications area.


Define Your Expertise with an Online Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificates are 4-course programs that focus on providing students the knowledge and skills to position themselves as leaders within specialized fields of the industry. These programs allow students to pursue graduate-level education and create specialized portfolio pieces to define their expertise and stand out in the workforce.

Graduate Certificates

Creative Strategy Image

Creative Strategy

Create visual marketing strategies, developing compelling marketing content, outlining visual and verbal branding guidelines, and hone skills in digital storytelling.

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Data Marketing Communications

Understand Marketing from a data-driven perspective; learn the basic principles of media and digital analytics; understand customer analysis, profiling and targeting; and hone strategies for audience segmentation.

Digital Image

Digital and Social Media

Develop digital and social media strategies, evaluate ROI for digital and social media marketing plans, hone skills in analyzing the digital consumer, and grasp the deep connection between storytelling and marketing.

Healthcare Image

Healthcare Communications

Understand the legal and ethical issues in healthcare communications, exploring the role of content in the modern healthcare industry, develop a cause marketing campaign strategy, and hone skills in website and social media marketing for the healthcare industry.

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Higher Education Marketing

Hone skills in marketing content and strategies for higher education, enrollment management and marketing, student recruitment and engagement tactics, and branding and social media for higher education.

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Public Relations Leadership

Gain knowledge and skills in brand awareness and management, digital and social messaging for PR, leadership skills for the PR field, and managing conflict resolution.

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