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Integrated Marketing Communications

The four-course Integrated Marketing Communications graduate certificate provides a broad overview of IMC, focusing on the study of emerging media and the market, including audience insight, and brand equity management. This certificate program helps professionals in this rapidly changing field learn new skills and polish old ones.

The Integrated Marketing Communications Graduate Certificate includes four completely online courses at a rate of $2,250 per course. You may transition into the full online IMC master's degree program at any time during your graduate certificate enrollment. Credits you have earned will count toward the 10-course master's program.

IMC Courses

The IMC courses prepare you to:

  • Set good, measurable objectives, both campaign objectives, as well as objectives within each of the individual marketing communications function.
  • Better understand conversations around strategy.
  • Create more effective communications strategies based on internal or psychological influences that impact consumer decision-making.
  • Create more effective communications strategies based on external or sociological influences that impact consumer decision-making.
  • Use ethnography as a research method to better understand consumers and the ability to create an ethnography proposal.
  • Create a brand audit and build out recommendations based on your brand research.
  • Be competitive as a brand by understanding competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Understand the consumer mindset, why do you pick brand A vs. brand B?
  • Understand how the technologies are affecting consumer experience.
  • Use a variety of technologies to mix traditional marketing with new media.
  • Stay with the changing trends as new media emerges.

You should pursue IMC if...

You're interested in:

  • Conducting consumer research to inform marketing
  • Using a variety of media and tools to create a marketing campaign
  • The strategy side of marketing, public relations and advertising
  • Keeping up with the latest trends

Your dream job title is:

  • Marketing Research Analyst
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Strategist
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