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Campaign Metrics and Assessment

Campaign Metrics and Assessment (DMC 673) explains campaign metrics and how to assess the outcomes of a campaign. Metrics can be used to assess results of and modify all types of marketing communications campaigns. This course includes a survey of assessment platforms and explores optimal ways of tracking and communicating metrics to stakeholders.

Upon completing the course, you will complete the following certification:

  • Google Data Studie Certification

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of DMC 673, students will be able to:

  • Identify key performance indicators from a variety of metrics to track the results of a marketing communications campaign.
  • Select data sources that can be used to evaluate the achievement of key performance indicators.
  • Write clearly defined and measurable campaign objectives that identify the anticipated campaign outcomes.
  • Compute campaign return on investment (ROI) to evaluate marketing communications expenditures versus impact on brand.
  • Design campaign tracking methods and dashboards to assess and improve effectiveness during the marketing communications campaign and communicate with key stakeholders.
  • Evaluate available campaign assessment tools and platforms.


  • Marketing Metrics and Evaluating Success
  • Standard Metrics for Both Online and Offline Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Introduction and eCommerce
  • Owned Site KPIs
  • Paid Search/Display
  • Social and Earned Media
  • Email, CRM and A/B Testing
  • Wrap-up
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