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Digital Video Production

Digital Video Production (IMC 643) introduces the technical and conceptual skills needed to create and add videos into integrated marketing campaigns. Covers the basics of selecting the best hardware and software for video projects. Students gain hands-on experience in shooting and producing engaging videos.

Upon completing the course, you will complete the following certifications:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro Certification

Course Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of IMC 643, students will be able to:

  • Examine the history of filmmaking, digital video and YouTube.
  • Explain the basic characteristics of viral videos.
  • Explore the cutting edge of vlogging, video newsletters and other uses for video in marketing.
  • Determine the best cameras and software for audio and digital production.
  • Explain the basics of digital audio production for podcasts, web and video.
  • Understand the elements of framing, lighting and shooting for producing successful digital videos.
  • Exhibit basic video editing skills including splitting, transitions, titles and more.
  • Produce an original short marketing video using digital production, audio integration and editing techniques learned in class.
  • Upload an original short video to blogs and YouTube.


  • Getting Started—Hardware Software
  • Audio Production Basics Podcasting
  • Introduction to Viral Video YouTube Trends
  • Digital Video Shooting Basics
  • Video Software Tutorials
  • Digital Video Production and Editing I
  • Digital Video Production and Editing II
  • Group Critique/Peer Review of Working Video
  • It’s a Wrap. Future Video Trends


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