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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing (IMC 629) examines exciting new business developments in mobility, explores fundamental forces that shape the wireless industry, discusses keys to establishing a competitive advantage and examines emerging trends that may indicate where the industry is heading.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of IMC 629, students will be able to:

  • Identify and discuss key terminology and successful mobile marketing examples.
  • Explain how technology and mobile marketing are intertwined.
  • Discuss and analyze what makes mobile marketing different from other marketing approaches.
  • Explain how the mobile web and mobile applications are monetized and coexist.
  • Discuss and analyze how mobile plays a key part in the consumer journey from research to purchase.
  • Analyze and produce basic visual mobile communication pieces.


  • Mobile 101: Need to Know Terms and History
  • What the iPhone Started: Proliferation of High-End Devices
  • Mobile Marketing Basics
  • Mobile Promotions and Location-Based Marketing
  • Mobile Applications vs. The Web
  • Privacy and Data Sharing
  • 4 Screens Approach: Integrating Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile M-commerce
  • Measurement: Success Metrics Going Forward


Bob Bentz
Profile: Bentz
Joe Gura
Profile: Gura