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Undergraduate Intro Course

Get a Head Start on Your Master's Degree 

Take the online graduate-level course IMC 510 as an undergrad.

What is IMC 510?
  • A graduate level course in undergrad! It’s our Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications course, created for undergrads interested in IMC.
  • This opportunity allows students to make sure IMC is a good fit before applying to the graduate program
  • Students do not have to retake the intro course in the master's program and, instead, earn an extra elective spot in its place.
  • Receiving a passing grade supports admission into the IMC graduate program.
Janine Posey

"The course has really given me insight into everything that goes into planning a fully launched marketing campaign. I now have an idea how the program will be set up and know how to manage my time around the due dates since it's completely online. Taking a class like IMC 510 has also helped me plan out my week in advance!"

— Janine Posey

Who can take IMC 510?

Juniors and seniors with a 3.0 GPA or higher are eligible.

Stacey Creely IMC 510 Instructor

"The IMC 510 class is particularly unique because it gives undergraduates an opportunity to experience the program a little early, which benefits them as they enter the program as graduates students. Coming in as undergraduates, they get to learn the ecampus navigation system and become familiar with expectations and deadlines within the IMC program so when they are accepted into the program as graduate students, they are already prepared to jump right in and start learning."

— Stacey Creely, IMC 510 Instructor

When is it offered?

Late Fall 2019! It’s an online 8-week course from October 14 to December 12.

Students who take IMC 510 as undergrads must still complete all of the required IMC graduate degree credit hours. With this course already under your belt, you have room to take an extra elective to complete an IMC Area of Emphasis.

Emily Zekonis professional head shot on campus

"The online, 8-week format allowed me to budget my time and clearly see what assignments were ahead of me. Having my classes online allowed me to work at the times that are best for me, when I'm most focused during the week. The half semester timing also allowed me to give my full attention to this course's content to ensure I am understanding it and taking time to read my professor's feedback."

— Emily Zekonis

How do I enroll?

Contact us today:
Together, we will work with your advisor to see if you qualify.