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IMC: Creative Strategy

There are two ways to pursue the Creative Strategy specialization: as an area of emphasis in the full IMC degree program, or as a four-course graduate certificate. Both options prepare you for careers that focus on the creative aspects of integrated marketing communications planning and execution. Whether you love content creation, visual art or both, the Creative Strategy specialization helps you develop the skills needed to deliver great content to a variety of consumers.

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You should pursue Creative Strategy if ...

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You're interested in:

  • Creating visual marketing strategies
  • Developing compelling marketing content
  • Outlining visual and verbal branding guidelines
  • Storytelling in a digital format
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Your dream job title is:

  • Director of Creative Design

  • Creative Marketing Director

  • Art Director

  • Creative Services Manager

  • Marketing Manager

  • Digital Content Manager

  • Graphic Designer

  • Branding Strategist

  • Media Coordinator

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You're looking for:

  • A master's degree program – Creative Strategy is an optional area of emphasis in our renowned online IMC master's degree program.

  • A graduate certificate – take the four online Creative Strategy courses to earn a graduate certificate (transfer these into the full M.S. IMC program anytime!).

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Creative Strategy Courses

IMC 625: Advanced Creative Concepts

Students who take this course will be able to conduct in-depth research and outline a case study of a brand including its mission, voice, visual identity and target market.

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IMC 634: Digital Storytelling

In this course, students design a brand for a product or service and express that brand through a web-based video.

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IMC 635: Visual Information Design

This course peeks behind the curtain at what makes visual information design work and how effective it can be as a tool for designers and non-designers alike.

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IMC 639: Content Marketing

This course explores how the role of content is evolving in the modern marketing landscape and how to apply different types of content generation to new and traditional marketing channels.

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The Creative Strategy courses prepare you to:

  • Design marketing and communications branding to create a visual identification for an IMC brand strategy
  • Explore branding in terms of mission, voice, color psychology and visual identity
  • Research, analyze and recommend appropriate media from a selection of print, digital and social media vehicles used by contemporary publishers for content delivery and brand marketing
  • Conceive, develop and express complex visual ideas and concepts, translating them into a coherent visual identity that builds a brand and reinforces its marketing objectives
  • Explore how the role of content is evolving in the modern marketing landscape and how to apply different types of content generation to new and traditional marketing channels
  • Create storyboards for content development and develop script writing techniques for production and understand how color, layout, and typography can be used to create a compelling visual message and brand
  • Convey and learn to express complex visual ideas and concepts
  • Apply professional creative direction and art direction techniques across print, digital and social media

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