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Cause Marketing

Cause Marketing (IMC 624) examines the marketing techniques used by businesses to make a difference in the world, focusing on partnerships between businesses and non-profit organizations. Through case studies, the history and uses of cause marketing are examined as well as predictions for the future of the marketing practice.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of IMC 624, students will be able to:

  • Define cause marketing and understand how it differentiates from charity.
  • Discuss the history of cause marketing.
  • Explain campaign target markets and demographics of consumers most likely to respond to cause marketing.
  • Identify the benefits to corporations, nonprofits and society created by cause marketing.
  • Learn the dangers and pitfalls of cause marketing.
  • Be able to identify the consumers that are more likely to be interested in this form of marketing.
  • Identify the steps necessary to create a cause marketing campaign.
  • Analyze a current campaign and make recommendations for improvements.


  • Overview of Cause Marketing
  • Development of Cause Marketing
  • Cause Marketing Tactics: Products
  • Cause Marketing Tactics: Issues and Social Marketing
  • Who Benefits from Cause Marketing?
  • When Things Go Wrong in Cause Marketing
  • Creating Cause Marketing Campaigns
  • Planning and Evaluation of Cause Marketing Campaigns
  • The Future of Cause Marketing


Deidre West
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