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My Marcom Story: Kirsten McAlpin


Kirsten McAlpin, like most marketers, has worn a lot of hats throughout her career — country music singer, radio personality and director of marketing and public relations for a propane company. While she didn’t anticipate the career evolution she’s had, Kirsten has kept an open mind into each of her ventures.

“So you can really do whatever you want to do and keep learning and set your mind to whatever and see what happens in your life,” she said. “That's what I do. I'm a big dreamer and I just want to see what I can accomplish.”

I'm a big dreamer and I just want to see what I can accomplish Kirsten McAlpin

As someone always looking to learn, Kirsten knew she wanted to pursue a master’s degree. In her search for her perfect program, she stumbled upon the WVU IMC program and never looked back. With the flexibility of the courses and the “learn it today, apply it tomorrow” mindset, Kirsten chose WVU for her education.

What set the program apart most for her? The faculty are current practitioners and industry leaders in their practice areas.

“They know exactly what to tell the students and help them really as they go through the process and the program,” she said. “The people here at WVU are what really I can tell is going to help make a difference in my career.”

As part of her time with the IMC program, Kirsten has served as a WVU Marcom Ambassador and as a mentee in the mentorship program. The connections she’s made through her engagement with the program in addition to her professors have helped to enrich her time at WVU and enhance the online learning experience.

“I've already learned so much and I can see that these relationships that I'm building, all the people that I'm coming across, they're already helping me in ways that I want to continue looking at different paths I might want to go down.”

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