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Content Marketing

Content Marketing (IMC 639) will explore how the role of content is evolving in the modern marketing landscape and how to apply different types of content generation to new and traditional marketing channels. Additional topics cover the pros and cons of content marketing vs. traditional marketing as well as processes and tactics to create and implement content marketing strategies.


  • Introduction to Content Marketing and the 4P’s of Content Marketing
  • Plan: Strategize Before Execution
  • People: Skills and Abilities Needed to Create Effective Content Marketing Campaigns
  • Produce: Create Content that Matters
  • Technology’s Role in Content Marketing
  • Produce and Promote: Writing and Creative in Owned, Earned and Paid Media
  • Promote: Distribute Content in the Digital Era
  • Perfect: Measure and Optimize to Maximize the Impact
  • The Future of Content Marketing

What Recent Students Said About IMC 639

  • I liked the structure of the assignments – we write so many papers in grad school, it is nice to put information together in a different format (PowerPoint). I spent an equal amount of time doing research, but I liked the structure better, especially since that's how we typically communicate plans and ideas in my company.
  • Professor Meeks' thoughts on the discussion board always leaned toward real–world applications. She shared client examples and always kept me thinking of the business implications of our learning.
  • The textbook and weekly lessons were very clear and easy to understand. I felt the text was easy to get through and I enjoyed the content, which made the learning process more enjoyable.


Kristin Meeks
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