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Advance your career by earning a respected degree with innovative roots and a future-focused, real-world curriculum.

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The WVU IMC program is always evolving to meet the needs of professionals in our dynamic industry. You will gain practical and experiential knowledge of every aspect of IMC from advertising to social media to PR to creative strategy and beyond. The curriculum consists of 1 introduction course, 3 core courses, 2 specialty courses, 3 elective courses, and 1 capstone. The curriculum is structured so that students can attend full-time or part-time.

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West Virginia University’s Integrated Marketing Communications graduate degree program allows students to specialize with an Area of Emphasis (AOE). These specializations broaden your knowledge base, making you more competitive in the job market. Included on your transcript once you graduate, the AOE you choose demonstrates your expertise in that specific area of specialization. Each specialization adds 3 credits and $2,460 to the degree. Specializations include: creative strategy, data marketing communications, digital and social media, healthcare communication, higher education marketing and public relations leadership.

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Our 1,500+ alumni, current students and faculty hold elite positions at companies all over the world. We have a saying, “Once a Mountaineer, Always a Mountaineer.” Mountaineers like nothing more than helping fellow alumni and soon-to-be alumni, so the support system starts on day-one and continues as long as you let it. Leverage the power of the Mountaineer network!

Applying IMC to your Career

Meet Amanda Beck, class of 2017. Amanda is now Marketing Communications Manager at Texas Association of School Boards. Amanda's favorite part of the program was the applicable curriculum. "I enjoyed taking challenges from work and applying the practices from each course to address them. Although it was challenging to complete, the campaigns course was the best example of this. I selected a client in the industry I had previously worked—and had an interest—and really enjoyed going through the process to build a campaign that would be viable in the real world."

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Demonstrate a global and multicultural awareness in the development and implementation of marketing communications strategies.

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Illustrate critical thinking, creativity and innovation in collaboration with colleagues and the completion of written assignments.

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Compare and contrast the benefits and limitations of various qualitative and quantitative research methods relevant to marketing communications.

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Recognize the roles and implications of law and ethics in marketing communications.

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Design and organize marketing communications materials in a professional manner consistent with contemporary industry-specific standards.

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