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Emerging Media and The Market

Emerging Media and The Market (IMC 619) examines how modern industry uses emerging media, such as blogs and virtual worlds, to enhance the IMC process. Addresses the creative and ethical issues unique to digital media.

IMC 619 Emerging Media and The Market Course Details

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of IMC 619, students will be able to:

  • Identify the role emerging media plays in an IMC campaign.
  • Compare, contrast and experience the emerging media that organizations are leveraging to build relationships with consumers.
  • Recognize the ethical issues involved in using emerging media as a marketing communications tool.
  • Understand how marketers are using emerging media to reach specific audiences to include ethnic and youth markets.
  • Define the role of creativity and design in emerging media.

Course Topics

  • IMC in an Evolving Digital Landscape
  • Understanding Consumers: Emerging Media Users and Markets
  • Growth of mobile across emerging media platforms
  • An overview of The Internet of Things and how it is shaping the future of marketing and consumer behavior
  • Marketing in a Social Media World
  • Marketing and Search in an emerging media world
  • Ethical Legal Issues in Emerging Media
  • Wrap-up

Top 3 Takeaways from the Course

  1. Understanding how the technologies are affecting consumer experience.
  2. Learning about a variety of technologies to be able to mix traditional marketing with new media.
  3. Understanding how to stay with the trends changing as new media emerges.

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Course Intensity and Workload

Intensity Level 4 out of 5

The course covers a variety of emerging topics, requiring a lot of interaction and research giving the course a 4 out of 5 workload ranking, estimating 10-15 hours per course per week.

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