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Higher Education Marketing

Higher Education Marketing (IMC 647) examines the role of marketing in American higher education in an ever-increasing competitive landscape, including the role of market analysis, audience segmentation, value messaging, marketing mix and budget and ROI assessment.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Define the role of marketing in higher education
  • Identify the different audience segments based on marketing objectives and type of institution (Carnegie classification)
  • Prepare a detailed market analysis specific to a particular institution
  • Develop measurable marketing objectives and strategies
  • Create a media plan, accounting for both paid and earned media opportunities
  • Design effective creative strategies focused on a value proposition and describe how they would be integrated across each IMC function
  • Demonstrate assessment of ROI for marketing efforts, including possible budget reallocations
  • Develop a budget for marketing efforts


  • Introduction History of Marketing in Higher Education
  • Audience/Objective Segmentation
  • Research Market Analysis
  • “The Silver Bullet” – The Marketing Mix
  • Messaging/Value Proposition
  • Making the Case – Budget
  • “A Watershed Moment” – How will Higher Education Respond?


Adrienne King
Profile: King