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Bringing Radical Innovation Like ChatGPT To Market


Bringing Radical Innovation Like ChatGPT To Market by Stephanie Katcher

For the past few weeks, everyone has been talking about ChatGPT and the reality of artificial intelligence as capable of passing the Turing Test . If you think the innovation was an overnight success, take a history dive and see how many communication rounds have helped OpenAI, the corporation that launched ChaptGPT and DALL-E , warm audiences.

The genius of introducing radical concepts into the market is patience. Things do not happen overnight. Awareness is far more challenging when the market isn’t primed for what you have to offer. What you want to talk about remains a foreign concept for mainstream audiences. It becomes a validation process industry wide to gradually boil down radical ideas into something relevant, accessible and meaningful to the masses.

Each technical advancement and public release is a stepping stone toward broader acceptance. The transparency provides exposure and promotes familiarity with a radical technology. (Keep in mind this is a high-level view. It does not account for OpenAI’s proven track record, or extensive relationships within the tech industry.)

Even with the immense resources and influence available to OpenAI, there were rounds of proofing that led up to what now may seem like an overnight advancement. This is why tech will always need skilled Marcoms in internal and external roles like public relations, community development, leadership, strategic partnerships/business development, investor relations and product marketing.

Two Takeaways Regardless of Your Industry

  1. Your audiences are primed to talk about ChatGPT and AI and how AI enables your brand to deliver. The conversations can be within your team, network, existing customer base or even brand partners. You’ll build brand power for your organization and yourself.

  2. Think bigger than your immediate campaigns; talk to leadership about the corporate vision and the business steps needed to get there. Try Salesforce's V2MOM method to ensure your current marketing plan aligns with that vision and advances the business to those next steps.

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