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My Marcom Story: Kaylea Schule


When Kaylea Schule, IMC’ 21, took on a new role toward the end of her time in the IMC program, she immediately put to use everything she had learned so far in the program.

“Thanks to everything I have learned prior with the IMC program, I was not only applying what I had learned to our capstone project but also in my marketing job at the law firm because we were working on producing a lot of video content at that time, too,” Schule said. “It was easy for me to keep the messages consistent and transparent because that's what we do in every class since we practice consistency.”

Schule began the program in the Fall of 2019, and while she was already an online student, the events of 2020 and lockdowns from the pandemic changed what her day-to-day life looked like. Now, all of Schule’s interactions with people were virtual — not just her coursework with the IMC program. She quickly connected with peers in the program on social media, and video calls soon followed to forge friendships.

While the peer support Schule established during her time in the program was important to her, another aspect of the program that was one of her favorites was working with the faculty and staff and the interactive, weekly discussion boards.

“Faculty and the administrative staff really treated me not only as a priority but as family,” Schule said. “Discussions were always an entertaining way to spend Friday nights because it was really a way of interacting with my peers and hearing people's stories and their commentary and elaborating on the topic as well.”

Schule’s advice to incoming students? Time management. She spent a bit of time every day working on her IMC coursework by squeezing in research and readings during her lunch break. Working a bit each day helped reduce the stress of having a full-time job while completing the program.

Faculty and the administrative staff really treated me not only as a priority but as family. Kaylea Schule

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