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My Marcom Story: Liz Thompson


Despite being on another continent, M.S. IMC grad Liz Thompson found camaraderie as part of the first DINFOS cohort.

“If I wake up to an email, I can feel more engaged with the classmates and it was nice to have those same core people throughout the whole cohort with me,” Liz said. “It was definitely an instant relationship with these guys.”

Based in Italy, Liz served as a broadcast specialist in the U.S. Navy while completing her M.S. IMC degree in 2022. While being in a different time zone during her coursework, she found some benefits of being six hours ahead of her classmates. Liz completed her work in the mornings, so she was often the first to post to the discussion boards or turn in papers. On the other side of the spectrum, a 6 a.m. deadline compared to midnight in the states made for some late nights for the broadcast specialist.

For Liz, the accessibility of the program was her favorite part of her time in the M.S. IMC coursework. From online books to a truly military-friendly program, Liz says this program opened doors and laid out the foundation for success.

“I, in Europe, have been pulled away to assignments and had a chunk of time that I could not attend school or even turn in assignments, and they were willing and ready to work with me, “ she said. “I'm just floored with the help that WVU and the veteran staff have provided me here.”

I'm just floored with the help that WVU and the veteran staff have provided me here. Liz Thompson

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