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My Marcom Story: Fiona Green


For some, a master’s degree helps them make that next jump in their career trajectory in the marketing space, but for others, the program lays the foundation for a marketing career. For Fiona Green, the IMC program did both. After a career transition from studying history and teaching dance to a marketing role, Fiona enrolled in the IMC program to help fill some of the gaps in her knowledge.

“I didn't know what I didn't know, and I was learning on the job as a marketer who didn't study marketing in undergrad,” Fiona said. “At the time my employer offered some tuition assistance which really inspired me to think about what I would do with that and where I would go.”

In her search for a degree, Fiona came across the WVU IMC program and knew it would be a perfect fit. The flexibility of the degree and the manageability of the coursework on top of her full-time position sent her enrolling in the program.

“It was also great because what I was learning in the classroom I was using immediately in my job,” Fiona said. “It wasn't just a lot of theory. It was very practical, real world education that I was learning and applying day to day.”

It wasn't just a lot of theory. It was very practical, real world education that I was learning and applying day to day. Fiona Green

About a year into her education, Fiona applied for a director-level position — one she felt she didn’t completely qualify for but tried nonetheless. After an interview, Fiona got the marketing director position, citing her pursuit of a master’s degree as the deciding factor. From there, she has only grown into larger roles.

Now as the head of branded content at Amazon Ads, Fiona and her team oversees creating thought leadership and branded content to raise awareness and drive consideration for Amazon's advertising solutions. Take a look into one of her favorite campaigns she’s worked on with Amazon Ads called The Museum of Modern Ads, a digital experience in partnership with Vox Media.

This program was a catalyst for Fiona’s career in her own words, and it’s one that she sees doing the same for others looking to make that next step into the marketing industry.

“It just really became a catalyst for all of the future success that I have and hopefully will continue to have,” she said. “I graduated ten years ago from the program and I've used the skills immensely since graduating.”

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