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Quit Marketing and Start Creating Experiences


Quit Marketing ... Start Creating Experiences by Dan Dipiazzo at Integrated 2023.

People hate marketing – so much so that millions of them even pay to block and avoid the very messages that marketers are targeting to them. The solution is to quit creating ads and give people what they crave: experiences. 

“People Hate Your Ads”

Dan Dipiazzo

As an expert in the field, Dan Dipiazzo presented “ Quit Marketing and Start Creating Experiences” as the opening keynote at Integrate 2023.

So, why do people hate your ads? According to Dipiazzo, people tend to block advertisements for three reasons:

  1. They are annoying
  2. They are disruptive
  3. They may be a security risk

When it comes to video streaming, Dipiazzo says,

Majority of people are paying money not to see ads.

So, if advertisements are not a productive way to market then what is?

Experiential Advantage

Ever hear the saying, “kids play with the box more than the toy?” Well, this typically comes from parents as society has created the rule that having the most trendy item considers someone cool.

We tend to hold onto experiences far more longer than materials. Dan Dipiazzo

When considering this statement, I remember my childhood memories more of an experience rather than the toys I had or wanted to have because my classmates did.

In relation to marketing, creating these experiences, what is called experiential advantage, is far more impactful as Diapiazzo explains.

The first two steps of the experiential advantage begin with creating an escape. This means breaking a normal habit routine that is done and trying something new or making a slight change. Then, creating happy memories. These memories are not forced, as they are genuine and come from pure happiness when in the moment. Oftentimes, to reflect on how a moment makes one feel, it takes place after the event.

A few tips from Dipiazzo:

  • Break the routine
  • Go to new and amazing places
  • The more immersive, the better
  • Make it a “first”
  • Make it multisensory
  • Make it a story

Integrate 2023 Recap

If you missed Dipiazzo’s opening keynote, you can check it out here.


  • People are rejecting traditional marketing and forced communications in growing numbers, creating an existential dilemma for marketers.
  • Today’s consumers prioritize experiences over things, and this desire for experiences presents an opportunity for brands to connect with people in meaningful new ways.
  • Experience-based attractions have learned the ways to create powerful connections with their guests and marketers can apply these same techniques to shift from unwanted advertising to creating memorable brand experiences.

Plus, see his work in action as Dan discusses his campaign, More Fun to Share, for the Georgia Aquarium. Watch as he describes how analyzing customer data and social listening led to a campaign that encouraged guests to experience the whole Georgia Aquarium again and again.

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