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My Marcom Story: Desirae Lindow


When Desirae Lindow, M.S. IMC ‘22, graduated in 2021 with her undergraduate degree from WVU, she wasn’t sure she was ready for the industry yet. Given the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on her education, potential career and the world around her, she started to consider grad school. When she and two other friends all applied for the same program, her mind was made up.

“I think it was more so just I wanted to have people. It was an online program, so I wanted to feel connected to some of the people that I knew,” she said. “Not only am I still connected with those two people, but I've been able to connect with a lot of others through the program, and that's been a great experience.”

Currently, Desirae works as a content marketing manager — a role she stepped into immediately after completing her graduate studies. Stepping into a manager role, a higher-level position than some of her undergraduate peers were in at the time, was a direct result of graduate education with the WVU Marketing Communications Programs.

She was also able to implement skills she learned in her classes into her role immediately, aiding her entire team. Desirae learned about social media competitive analyses in a social media strategies course she took, and this was something she swiftly did in her new role. Through the example of her instructors and other connections she made throughout the program, she learned skills and gained confidence stepping into her new job.

“You know, not everybody gets into a master's degree program. So I was able to learn from some of the top people at some of the top companies,” she said. “And I feel that they really made me feel prepared and like I knew what I was doing when I was going into my own role.”

And I feel that they really made me feel prepared and like I knew what I was doing when I was going into my own role. Desirae Lindow

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