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My Marcom Story: Adelyn Nottingham


Adelyn Nottingham, originally a public relations major, sought a comprehensive education in marketing, aiming for a full-circle understanding of the profession. In the vast landscape of marketing, she desired skills applicable to her roles in the nonprofit sector. Her goal was clear: to innovate and implement strategies that would make a meaningful impact.

“I wanted to be able to learn different skills that I could directly apply to the organizations I worked for at the time. And marketing is such a vast profession. There are so many facets to it. And I wanted to learn something a little bit different, things that I could utilize immediately and be innovative in the nonprofit sector,” she said. “There wasn't a lot of knowledge about marketing, and so I was able to really focus on new strategies and new innovations happening in the marketing field and apply that to a very small nonprofit world that wasn't aware of any of these tools and resources available to promote their mission in the community.”

"Marketing is such a vast profession. There are so many facets to it and I wanted to learn something a little bit different, things that I could utilize immediately and be innovative in the nonprofit sector."
Adelyn Nottingham

The IMC program's impact extended beyond the classroom. Adelyn highlights the sense of community fostered among alumni, students, and marketing professionals. Integrate, a conference by the WVU Marketing Communications programs, became a nexus for networking, fostering relationships that propelled her professional growth. This supportive community, she believes, has been a driving force behind her career evolution.

Check out Adelyn’s breakout session in the Integrate 2023 Recap.

As Adelyn gears up to speak at Integrate 2023, she reflects on the unexpected opportunities that unfolded after graduation. The conference, a platform for sharing experiences, is a testament to the program's ability to nurture small industries like hers. In an industry with limited resources, Adelyn looks forward to sharing her journey of building a brand with minimal financial backing, thanks to the skills acquired in the IMC program.

“I am so excited for the opportunity to be a speaker at integrated 2023 this year. It's something that I didn't know was in the cards for me when I started off as a student,” she said. “But just to see that there are opportunities down the line to do conferences and be a speaker. And it's so exciting for me because my industry is very, very small.”

To prospective IMC students, Adelyn extends a warm welcome and offers practical advice. Embrace the immersive learning experience, and if you're working full-time, seek ways to apply your newfound knowledge directly to your current role. Adelyn's personal success story is a testament to the program's ability to empower professionals, regardless of their industry constraints.

In the world of IMC, Adelyn Nottingham stands as a beacon of inspiration — an advocate for continuous learning and an example of how marketing education can transform careers and communities alike.

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