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My Marcom Story: Harrison Andrews


Harrison Anderson, a video marketing manager and creative strategist for a global brand, faced the common dilemma of juggling work, family and education. Traditional programs weren't conducive to his dynamic lifestyle, but WVU's Integrated Marketing Communications Program tailored content and flexibility proved to be the perfect fit.

Harrison found a rhythm that aligned with his on-the-go lifestyle, from squeezing in half-hour sessions during lunch to burning the midnight oil after putting his kids to bed. WVU's approach allowed him to master his craft while accommodating the demands of family and a full-time job.

“You can do it plain and simple. If you can put your heart into it and you care about the work, your hands and you want to improve as a professional, this is the place to do it. You have the right people, you have the right professors, and you sure as heck have the right peers that are going to work with you and grow with you along the way and take the leap.”

Harrison emphasizes the immediate application of knowledge gained at WVU. From basic campaign principles to navigating the complexities of digital marketing, the program equipped him to make impactful changes in his role from day one.

While crediting WVU for his success, Harrison candidly shares the challenges, highlighting the data analytics course as the most challenging and favorite. This experience broadened his perspective, emphasizing the importance of data-driven decision-making in the world of marketing. 

“You know, there's nothing better. There's nothing better to say. I'm a mountaineer. I worked for this and I did it. And I mean that to my core. It is an amazing thing."

 “You know, there's nothing better. There's nothing better to say. I'm a mountaineer. I worked for this and I did it. And I mean that to my core. It is an amazing thing." Harrison Andrews

As the son of an original mountaineer, Harrison's journey is deeply intertwined with a legacy of hard work, care for others and the spirit of a mountaineer. The final moments of his academic journey strike a powerful sense of accomplishment and a connection to those who inspired him along the way.

Harrison encourages those hesitant to take the leap. Whether facing personal or professional challenges, he asserts that anyone with the desire to improve themselves and their careers deserves to be a mountaineer. The journey only gets better from there.

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