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My Marcom Story: Emma Magruder


As a recent graduate navigating into adulthood, Emma Magruder shares her journey from uncertainty to clarity, from student life to professional aspirations. Graduating from the Integrated Marketing Communications Program, Emma's story shows the essence of growth, resilience and determination.

Emma's decision to pursue the IMC program came from a moment of uncertainty after graduating early from her undergraduate studies. Unsure of her next steps, she found direction in the thought of expanding her education beyond her PR background. The IMC program offered her a broader spectrum of knowledge, encompassing advertising and marketing, thus opening doors to diverse career opportunities.

The four plus one program at WVU provided Emma with a smooth transition from education to the professional world. It allowed her to immerse herself in both education and work simultaneously, where she could see a connection between her education and professional work. This experience not only honed her skills but also instilled in her a sense of preparedness for the challenges of the real world.

“So I did the four plus one program at WVU right when it was launched. I was one of the first ones through and I just figured it was right for me. You know, it only added an extra year to my education, so I went ahead and did it. The four plus one program for me was really great because it kind of helped with that transition from school to like being a professional or like the real world, as we'll call it.”

The four plus one program for me was really great because it kind of helped with that transition from school to being a professional or the real world, as we'll call it.”
Emma Magruder

Reflecting on her journey, Emma highlights the importance of time management as a vital skill gained during her time in the IMC program. From battling procrastination to balancing multiple responsibilities, she acknowledges the transformative power of effective time management in navigating the complexities of adult life.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Emma's IMC experience was the opportunity to explore diverse facets of marketing and communications. From PR to social media marketing and digital storytelling, she delved into different subjects, which reaffirmed her passion for versatility and adaptability in her career path.

Among the multitude of courses, PR concepts and strategy held a special place in Emma's heart, serving as something familiar among the transition into full-time graduate studies. It not only bolstered her confidence but also reaffirmed her capability to excel in her chosen field, despite initial worries. 

‘It really taught me that time management is one of the most essential skills that I will need in anything, any career, any industry. My favorite course was probably PR concepts and strategy. I did public relations in my undergrad, so I'm kind of biased to the PR courses, so I really enjoyed that course, especially since I took that course my first semester fully in the IMC program, so out of my undergraduate, and it was a nice course to take as a transition into full time grad school online programs, because I was already sort of familiar with the content.”

Looking ahead, Emma eagerly anticipates stepping into the unknown, embracing the adventures that lie beyond the confines of academia. Having spent her entire life in education, she is ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, free from the constraints of homework and assignments.

As a proud West Virginian and a dedicated Mountaineer, Emma cherishes her roots and the invaluable experiences she gained at WVU. Despite initial reservations, she is grateful for the decision to stay and pursue both her undergraduate and graduate degrees at her alma mater.

In conclusion, Emma Magruder's story serves as a testament to the transformative power of education, resilience, and self-discovery. Her journey from uncertainty to clarity exemplifies the essence of growth and the limitless possibilities that await those courageous enough to embrace change. As she steps into the next chapter of her life, Emma embodies the spirit of a true Mountaineer, ready to conquer new heights and embrace the adventures that lie ahead.

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