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My Marcom Story: Maleehah Saab


Maleehah Saab wasn't following the most conventional path. After graduating with a degree in criminology, she found herself adrift in a sea of career options, none of which sparked a genuine passion. "Once I graduated with my bachelor's," Maleehah says, "I didn't really find anything that suited me well." Determined, she decided to take a gap year, a chance to pause, reflect, and explore uncharted territories.

This period of self-discovery led Maleehah back to West Virginia University, a place she already held close to her heart. Here she stumbled upon the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) program. It was a revelation. "I love this town and the IMC program," Maleehah exclaims. "It just really stood out to me." The program's emphasis on social and digital media, a constantly evolving field brimming with potential, resonated deeply with her.

WVU's IMC program proved to be the perfect launchpad for Maleehah's newfound passion. "The program was very extensive and thorough," she explains, highlighting the vast array of electives that allowed her to tailor her studies to her specific interests. But beyond the curriculum, it was the supportive environment that truly fostered Maleehah's growth. The small class sizes fostered a sense of camaraderie, with professors readily available to guide and classmates offering a network of support.

"I think the most beneficial thing for me in the program was just how helpful all my professors were and as well as the classmates," Maleehah shares. "We were even though we all live in different parts of the country, we're able to communicate with each other through different apps and messaging groups." This constant connection ensured that Maleehah never felt lost or alone. Professors like Kristin Meeks were instrumental in her journey. "Professor Meeks was super helpful ... she offered feedback, but her critique was also uplifting." This nurturing environment instilled confidence in Maleehah, allowing her to stand by her work and embrace constructive criticism.

The shift from criminology to marketing presented a unique set of challenges. Unlike many of her classmates who came from marketing backgrounds, Maleehah felt she was starting from scratch. "Switching from criminology to marketing was very challenging at first," she admits. However, Maleehah's strong critical thinking skills, honed during her criminology studies, proved to be a valuable asset. "I realized that I could apply my critical thinking skills and just assessing different parts of things and like breaking it down and putting it together," she explains. This ability to analyze and strategize proved to be a bridge between her seemingly disparate fields of study.

Maleehah's advice for anyone contemplating a similar path is as practical as it is inspiring. "My biggest tip is to be sure you stay on top of everything." The flexibility of the program demanded a high degree of self-discipline. "Getting a really good schedule down was super imperative," she stresses. This focus and organization ensured that Maleehah could meet deadlines and deliver work that met her own high standards and those of her professors.

Looking back at her time at WVU, Maleehah feels a deep sense of gratitude. WVU wasn't just an academic institution; it was a supportive community that empowered her to embrace a new path. WVU's unwavering support provided the foundation upon which Maleehah built her confidence and her future.

"I think choosing to stay at WVU ... to pursue my master's degree was just a good choice. They're always going to stand behind you and make sure that you do succeed 100%.”

Maleehah Saab

Maleehah Saab's story is a testament to the transformative power of self-discovery and the importance of a supportive environment. With unwavering determination and the backing of a strong community, she navigated a career change and found her passion. As she embarks on the next chapter, there's no doubt that Maleehah will continue to inspire and empower those around her

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