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How WVU's IMC Program Helped Me Level Up


Mitchell Graham, M.S. IMC Class of Spring 2024

Mitchell Graham chose the WVU IMC program to pave the way for his career advancement out of entry-level roles and into more leadership-oriented roles.

Graham’s career has revolved around business-to-business (B2B), so he found the Influencer Marketing course to give him a glimpse into the constantly evolving B2C space. He was able to choose his own client and was proud of what he developed.

He has had a great experience with the program and recommends it to any marketing communications professional who wants to grow personally and professionally. For anyone considering, he notes, “You should do it! Graduate school can be intimidating and challenging (it certainly is), but it is very much worth it. Early in my career, I was a ‘doer’ as most people are — meaning, I completed tasks as I was assigned them. The additional knowledge and experience I gained in the IMC program has given me the confidence to transition into a marketing leader in my organization. With the knowledge gained in the program, I confidently recommend new programs and strategic changes to increase the effectiveness and ROI of our marketing programs around the globe.”

Graham, a Spring 2024 graduate of the IMC program, is currently the manager of global marketing communications at Eriez in Erie, PA. He’s looking forward to a well-deserved vacation and his transition into a new role that is more focused on public relations and communications.

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