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AI for Marketing Communications: Insights from Integrate Online with Samuel Chen


Sam Chen, a communications marketing expert with experience at major global companies, recently led a discussion on artificial intelligence (AI) for our Integrate Online series. We’re recapping what is covered in this blog.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a type of software that learns and self-corrects its knowledge. AI works by checking a database for potential answers, rating the best answer and giving its recommended best answer to your submitted question. It’s not magic.

There are two terms to know with AI to understand how it works. Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows software to understand and interpret human language. Machine Learning (ML) is an AI that allows software to self-improve.

"AI is an extension to your vision." Samuel Chen

AI-Gen Text

GPT means Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. The four main text-based AI platforms currently are ChatGPT, Co-Pilot, Gemini and

How to create a prompt:

  1. Be specific (what)
  2. Give content (why)
  3. Make it simple
  4. Suggest a structure (format)
  5. Give it feedback (optional)

Here’s an example: Create a LinkedIn message for me about promoting Fairground Pickleball Courts for the summer for new players. There is free pizza and demo racquets. Keep it to 3 sentences and make it sound interesting.

Common prompts include writing emails, creating speeches, proofreading, brainstorming ideas and getting feedback on messages.

AI-Gen Image

AI image software includes,, Gemini and ChatGPT 4.0 (Premium). It works by entering a command with keywords, the AI will then dissect the text, research images, combine images and create the matching criteria.

Issues with Image AI include that it does not make image formats properly, it doesn’t understand spelling and it can't replicate the same image twice. It also does not understand context and it creates fake results, i.e. it cannot create working QR codes.

AI-Gen Audio

Some audio tools include (audio), (music) and (songs). The audio tools can help you create new music and generate new ideas.

One issue, if you’re using a free account, is subject to copyright.

AI-Gen Videos

There are AI tools out there for video, including, and Some call themselves AI Video tools, but they are not, those include Lumen5, Invideo and some of the TikTok “AI.” The AI video tools are still learning. Many of them, like the images, don’t fully understand context and do not fully create accurate content.

AI Ethics

AI can help us do our jobs but it’s not replacing us. You need to know what AI tools are out there and know how to use them. AI cannot do the big picture, it has limitations. It doesn’t have adaptive logic or wisdom. AI should be seen as a tool to enhance human creativity and productivity, not as a replacement for human ingenuity.

IABC has released AI principles that state:

  • I comply AI-generated content I create is accurate, transparent and not plagiarized.
  • I comply with legal, regulatory and corporate governance policies
  • I do not use confidential and proprietary information within AI prompts and searches
  • I evaluate my AI outputs based on human-led engagement and understanding
  • I am responsible for content generated by AI and must independently fact-check and verify my outputs.

And remember, AI is an extension to your creativity.

Meet the Speaker

Samuel Chen

Samuel Chen
Digital Marketing Media Manager, Speaker

Samuel Chen is an esteemed educator and seasoned professional with a rich background in marketing and communications, spanning over a decade. With extensive experience working with Fortune 500 giants such as Disney, General Electric, Hello Fresh, and Johnson & Johnson, Samuel has honed his expertise in implementing innovative marketing strategies. For the past two years, he has been instrumental in leading webinars on AI in collaboration with IABC Canada and USA, reaching audiences across Maritime, Newfoundland, and Seattle. Samuel’s profound impact extends from startups to established enterprises, where his adept guidance has revolutionized marketing workflows and outreach efforts.

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