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My Marcom Story: Alex and John McPherson


Alex McPherson (BSJ ’11, M.S. Data ’17) and his father, John (BSJ ’79, M.S. IMC ’13), both share a common interest in the marketing and communications landscape. While Alex was in his undergraduate studies, his dad was also in school at WVU for his master’s degree.

Writing and journalism ran in the family, beginning with John’s mother, who was in the first class when P.I. Reed founded the P.I. Reed School of Journalism. John, a retired freelance writer, naturally took after his mother and studied journalism at WVU.

Upon entering the IMC program, John discovered the growing importance of digital marketing and its various channels like social media. The program equipped him with the knowledge to not only understand these channels but also apply them strategically.

The IMC program gave John a broadened perspective, allowing him to change his career and work for a large corporation. He was immediately able to make an impact in his career.

The IMC program opened up to me the idea of being able to reach out to the various cohorts and various demographics of all the individuals in the communities we were working with. John McPherson

John's enthusiasm for the IMC program sparked Alex's interest in Data Marketing Communications. Witnessing his father's success and the program's positive impact, Alex decided to pursue the, at the time, recently launched Data Marketing Communications program.

Alex uses his analytical knowledge and curiosity to continue to grow in his career with Methods+Masters. Last fall, Alex was promoted to Senior Vice President, Director of Measurement, and Insights & Analytics Practice Co-Lead at Methods+Mastery.

The Data Marketing Communications program helped him feel more confident in representing the full range of digital marketing services to his clients.

The Data Marketing Communications program really helped me expand my worldview and feel more confident in representing the whole spectrum of digital marketing. Alex McPherson

Every day is different for Alex, giving him the opportunity to use data daily to confirm assumptions, uncover insights and create client recommendations and strategies. “I love just the sense of archeology and the puzzle finding that comes with data. Looking at how to dive into it and uncover the details to represent a full and comprehensive story,” Alex notes.

The Reed School of Media and Communications' programs fostered a unique connection between this father and son duo.

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