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The Top 10 Things You Missed From Integrate 2019

Integrate 2019

We learned. We connected. We got inspired. And we left energized!

We had a great line up of speakers, including Jacelyn Swenson from IBM, Hugo Perez from Local Boy Creative, Jessica Modkins from Hip Rock Star, and many more.

And just as important, we had some great, engaging attendees! We are thankful for everyone who attended Integrate 2019, and we encourage you to mark your calendars for Integrate 2020 (May 28-30)!

Let's touch on the top 10 highlights of Integrate 2019:

1. We had a great time with our faculty.

With over 50 graduate faculty in the Integrated Marketing Communications and Data Marketing Communications online programs, Integrate 2019 offered a great way for IMC/DMC alumni and students to connect with their favorite professors. We also got to celebrate our Alexia Vanides award winners: Mike Fulton (IMC) and Michael Lynch (DMC).

Social Integrate


2. We learned about the future of marketing with the great panel.

The future of marketing communications continues to evolve. Panelists Hugo Pérez, Jessica Garrett Modkins, Leo Morejon, and Nathan Pieratt and moderator Whitney Drake explained to the audience where the industry will be in 5-10 years and how to prepare for it.

2019 Panel

@newzdude @JessicaModkins @MoreLeo @NathanPieratt

3. We had a few special visitors.

Omega, the Reed College of Media's therapy dog, gave some handshakes and kisses to attendees of Integrate 2019. Also, one of our faculty, Mike Fulton, found the WVU Mountaineer. Let's Go!

Integrate Recap

@hillrat1156 @wvumediahound

4. We dove into the data-driven marketing realm.

Josh Wilson explained how to get started with a data-driven marketing strategy regardless of your industry or the size of your organization.

Josh Wilson

5. We learned about the importance of AI, how to connect and how to evolve our marketing with it.

Jacelyn Swenson opened the conference by explaining how Artificial Intelligence can help you connect with your audience, generate more earned media, and enhance your brand. Rick Lombardoexplained how AI affects communications roles and what the future of AI looks like.

Integrate AI

@ricklombardo @JASwenson2016

6. We found our common thread through storytelling and connecting.

Hugo Pérez showed us how to find our common thread and use our common thread for storytelling. Jessica Garrett Modkins shared how a testimony can evolve your brand. Keith Green took us through his story as he explained how to leverage the five "W's" and two "H's" to tell your brand's story.

Integrate 2019

7. We learned how to grow brand awareness with influencer marketing.

Leo Morejon taught us about influencer marketing, what it means for today's marketer, and why it is vital for your digital strategy. He gave us pragmatic and actionable advice on how to optimize your influencer marketing tactics (and what not to do).

Leo Integrate

8. We had a fun time learning about marketing in the beer industry.

Neal Stewart shared his insights, learnings and anecdotes from his two decades working in the beer business. He shared stories and lessons on how to maximize small budgets and navigate the IMC world in an entrepreneurial environment.

Neal Integrate


9. We made new connections and friends.

One of the best parts of Integrate is making new connections and even friends. We had some great speakers, as well as some great attendees, as we learned about the future of marketing.

Integrate 2019

10. We left feeling empowered and inspired.

Overall, Integrate 2019 left attendees feeling inspired and empowered! Every part of Integrate: The featured and keynote speakers, the panels and discussions, the workshops and the networking events gave attendees great examples and ideas to inspire them and empower their teams.

Integrate 2019


Integrate 2019 would not be possible without our faculty, students, alumni, sponsors, and marketing professionals. Thank you! Join us next year for Integrate 2020!