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How IMC Allowed Me to Explore Marketing Communications at a Deeper Level

Bailee Miller

Bailee Miller wanted two things: to explore the field of marketing communications at a deeper level and to do so  while continuing to work. That's when she discovered West Virginia University's Integrated Marketing Communications graduate program.

Here's what she had to say about how WVU's Integrated Marketing Communications master's program encouraged her to specialize in an incredibly competitive field without sacrificing her time in the workplace.

Tell me a little bit about yourself. 

Bailee Miller

My name is  Bailee Miller, and I’m originally from Roanoke, West Virginia, a small community outside of the town of Weston.

I obtained my  B.S. in Journalism at WVU, with a concentration in public relations . I graduated the IMC program in December of 2018.

What drew you to WVU's IMC program?

The IMC program is an online program that is geared toward those pursuing higher education without sacrificing time in the office or with their families. The flexible schedule allows students to take time off when needed and tackle classes from any location. I personally chose the IMC program, because  I knew I wanted a program that would allow me to work while pursuing my degree. The IMC program doesn’t just allow this but encourages us to take what we’re learning and apply it directly to our current jobs.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve referenced the program while in brainstorming meetings !

I also chose the IMC program, because  I wanted to explore my field at a much deeper level, with the hopes of helping me decide what my next career move should be. Spoiler alert – it completely did!

Tell me about one faculty member who really made a difference in your education at WVU as a graduate student.

Professor Mike Fulton, for sure. His  public affairs class (IMC 638) was a game changer for me at work, in that it gave me skills I didn’t even know I needed to take my role to the next level. Professor Fulton really pushed my writing and critical thinking, and I am so grateful for that. He’s also one of the most compassionate and supportive professors I’ve ever had.  He really cares about the success of his students and I know he’s someone I could call on if I ever needed career advice!

Why do you think pursuing an advanced degree in IMC is important for people who want to promote innovation in your field?

The world of communication and marketing are constantly changing, so it’s vital that we as professionals have the skills and tools to keep up. The IMC program at WVU provides those tools and skills by equipping its students with knowledge about the latest trends and how to better forecast the changing landscape. Through weekly online and textbook readings, the courses cover a mix of the essential marketing and communication concepts with topics that are happening today.  The program really emphasizes the importance of continuous learning, which is vital to any communication or marketing profession.

How has WVU prepared you for success in your future endeavors?

My long-term goal is to eventually own my own consulting business, but I want to explore more opportunities in my field,  first. I’m really interested in brand strategy and enjoy the marketing campaign planning process. Naturally, I found my independence when I started WVU as an undergraduate student, but it truly blossomed when I came back to complete my graduate program several years later.

The IMC program taught me both project and time management skills and really emphasized the importance of networking. It’s with these acquired skills I feel I can succeed in the long run!

What’s your favorite thing about WVU?

Hands down,  the passion! WVU fosters this amazing, prideful mentality and I think it is carried on to the many places across the globe that WVU students end up. I think WVU is a really exciting place that equips students with a “can do” attitude.

What advice do you have for prospective IMC students?

Just take advantage of the class materials, such as the assigned readings, and especially the feedback from the professors. Also,  most of the professors urge us to commit to daily industry research, whether its marketing newsletters or blog articles, and I couldn’t agree more with this advice.

It won’t just help enrich your class discussion posts, but will also  help you spark ideas at work.

Start your IMC journey!

West Virginia University's IMC professionals are dedicated to preparing people who are passionate about marketing communications to thrive by offering a graduate program in  Integrated Marketing Communications

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