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5 ways to become an expert content marketer

Content Marketing

By Kristin Meeks

By 2021, 3.1 billion people are estimated to be using social media and four billion are estimated to be online regularly. In a culture where the majority of life is spent in a digital world, authentic and exciting content is the only way to break beyond the noise. To take on this competitive digital media environment, content marketers should focus on five important practices to become an industry leader:

1. Research

Research and, more importantly, follow industry leaders, publications and other sources of content specific to your industry. You can subscribe to emails, read blogs and follow on social media easily those giving your up-to-date content in your industry. This first step helps you establish a funnel of good content at your fingertips whether you share or curate your own this will help you stay on top of your industry trends.

2. Know what your measuring

What is important to you, your clients or your boss in terms of results. That is what you should be measuring. Write your objectives based on these key points to see clearer results of your content marketing efforts.

3. Assign roles

Create a team, even if you are a one-person marketing department. Pull the ones that are always in the know from other departments, look at board members, frontline staff and even customers to become apart of your content marketing team. Why? This will help create a better array of content that is directed toward your demographic.

4. Know your audience

Create each message with your target demographic in mind. Know everything about them. Name them (Sally Saver). Think of them with each message to see better results of your efforts.

5. Reuse content

Don’t just create an awesome piece and use it once on one platform. Come up with a strategy to use it on different platforms as well as use it in the future.

Kristin Meeks is a consultant that specializes in the integration of digital and traditional marketing practices. Meeks is also a professor for WVU's Integrated Marketing Communications online master's degree.

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