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5 Gifts for Your IMC/Data Student

With the holidays creeping up in just a week, many of us are frantically Googling what gifts can still be shipped in time for our gift exchanges. While a Yankee candle or a pair of fuzzy socks are great, for the IMC/Data student on your list, here are some more creative ideas they will actually use.

For the student with four jobs, schoolwork, two volunteer positions and more: A REALLY BIG Whiteboard Calendar.
Large Dry Erase Wall Calendar

It really doesn’t have to be that big, but IMC/Data students have a lot to schedule. Between lessons, required readings, projects, and potentially a job outside of school, deadlines, and appointments, things can get lost without writing them down. While a digital calendar is great, having something to hang in an office or bedroom will help them look at the tasks ahead and plan accordingly.

Marketing communicators also have schedules that are always changing. With a whiteboard, deadlines and plans can be easily changed, and it will serve them for the entire length of their degree!

Large Dry Erase Wall Calendar –

For the student who loves a Saturday morning, afternoon and evening in: A Bed Desk.
A bed desk

One of the best parts about the IMC/Data programs is the ability to complete your courses from anywhere, including your bed. As the cold months continue into the spring semester, help your student kick off their courses from their warm bed. A bed desk will hold all the student essentials: laptop, textbook and a cup of coffee, without spilling it all over your sheets.

Portable Bamboo Laptop Desk Table Folding Breakfast Bed Serving Tray w/ Drawer - Walmart

For the student who needs an escape to focus: A Music Streaming Subscription.
Music service

Between jobs and schoolwork, IMC/Data students spend a lot of time sitting in quiet places, or places they wish were quiet. Whether it’s a desk at work, a table at a coffee shop or in the car on the way to work, the ability to stream whatever music will get you through writing your capstone is a dream. Without a traditional classroom, odd places can become a setting where work needs to be done. Being able to pop in headphones can create a private work setting to study hard and get projects done while listening to their favorite artists.

Spotify Gift Card –

For the student who is always on the go: A Portable Steamer.
Portable Steamer

Networking for marketing communicators never ends. In this industry, first impressions matter, whether it’s meeting a new client, going in for a job interview or giving a presentation to peers, it’s essential to be at the top of your game. For the person who lives out of their suitcase, wrinkled clothes can really impact a “first impression” outfit. A portable steamer will help the messy packer still straighten out wrinkled clothes and leave the first impression ready.

Portable Garment Steamer – Bed Bath & Beyond

For all of our students: Your Time and Support.

Being a student is a lot of work, especially for many of our IMC/Data students who are also balancing full-time jobs and other commitments. We hope all of our students, staff, faculty and their families enjoy the holiday season with their families and take some well-deserved time to reflect on their accomplishments. See you in 2020 for new classes and an exciting year of marketing communications!

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