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Four Ways to Engage with the WVU Marketing Communications Network During COVID-19

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In today’s environment, the importance of “community” is more crucial than ever. With immense strain being put on in-person interactions and gatherings, individuals must seek ways to leverage digital relationships with entertainment, personal well-being and career development. As part of the WVU Marketing Communications network, there are several opportunities for students, staff, alumni and faculty to leverage the extensive community the programs provide.

1. Contribute Content

WVU Marketing Communications offers a number of content streams for community members to contribute to. The WVU Marketing Communications Blog has 100+ subscribers, receives hundreds of views per month and publishes multiple times per week to ensure our network is up to date on the latest industry trends. Blog analytics showcase that articles written by students, alumni, professionals and faculty are the most viewed articles, meaning your contributions will have the opportunity to engage the blog’s highest reach potential.

For students who are more visual content creators, those interested in graphic design, photography and video editing, tag WVU Marketing Communications social media handles in your posts. We want to see and share your content! Creating content, in any form, is a great way to build a portfolio to show off your skills in job interviews and promote your personal brand. Our program is excited to offer platforms like the WVU Marketing Communications Today blog and social media to extend the reach of your skills and accomplishments to peers, professionals and even the key player to landing your next exciting career opportunity.

Twitter: @wvuimc
Facebook: @wvuimc
Instagram: @wvuimc
Linkedin: WVU Reed College of Media IMC & DMC Graduate Programs

2. Start a Conversation

The WVU Marketing Communications network is made up of 1,500+ industry leaders. In a time where the job market is strained and in-person networking events are being put on hold, that doesn’t mean professional relationships end. Now is the time to engage with your network, reach out to others, share insights and ask for advice. The majority of professionals in our network are working remotely and are more likely to be plugged into their digital communications. Take this time to update your MC Network page, message a professional you haven’t met before and gather insights from the knowledge of these experienced professionals.

For those who are currently job-seeking, connect with professionals who have jobs similar to what your interests are. Ask these individuals if they have time for a phone or Zoom call to learn what their path was to success. If you have recently redone your resume, or are looking to update it, ask a few network members to review your resume and provide feedback. The members of the WVU Marketing Communications network are here to support you.

3. Seek More Experiences

Whether you are in between program semesters, embarking on a job search or just have some spare time, in a rapidly changing industry it is important to be a lifelong student. New trends, tools and platforms are constantly being developed for the marketing communications industry. To stay ahead of these trends and remain knowledgeable for your current job or next position, you need to seek out experience to learn more and build skills. WVU Marketing Communications is currently offering weekly Integrate Online panel discussions led by industry experts on navigating the current COVID-19 impacted environment and professional development related topics to help our network find opportunities in a challenging landscape.

The WVU Marketing Communications Today Podcast is another weekly resource for industry news and insights about what some of the world's top brands are doing to stay ahead of and set trends. These channels are constantly sourcing top speakers, if you feel you fit the criteria or have an idea for a topic reach out to us!

4. Help Grow the Network

Our network is constantly growing as new students and professionals engage with the programs, whether by enrolling or contributing to our content streams. If you know a friend, family member, co-worker, mentor, etc. that you think could benefit from a WVU Marketing Communications graduate degree or graduate certificate, let us know. The “Refer a Friend” program has benefits for both those making the referral, such as a program t-shirt, and those referred, who receive an application fee waiver. 

In a time of so much uncertainty and distance, your WVU Marketing Communications network is still here for you. Thank you for your dedication to the programs and let us know how we can support you.

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