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Integrate Online: Career Boost Series Recap

Integrate Online: Career Boost

Integrate Online: Career Boost was a three-week virtual event series hosted by WVU Marketing Communications Online Graduate Programs. Session included workshops focused on building your portfolio site, improving personal LinkedIn pages and how to begin a freelancing career or start your own business.

Missed a sessions? Here is a recap of what our guest speakers discussed:

Workshop: Building Your Portfolio Site

Original session hosted on 6/23 featuring Erin Fields & Nathan Pieratt


  • Identify your personal brand and ensure your portfolio reflects it.
  • Make sure your website conveys a strong message and catches a viewers interest within the first 30 seconds they are on the site.
  • Highlight content you are passionate about and can speak strongly about.
  • Think of your portfolio as a living document, make a schedule for updating it on a regular basis.

LinkedIn How-To

Original session hosted on 6/30 featuring Bridgette Borst Ombres & Neal Stewart


  • Set objectives for your page, whether they are based on connections, profile views or thought-leadership status.
  • Publish content regularly including blogs and professional updates.
  • Constantly engage with your network. Congratulate others on their professional accomplishments, tag others in relevant blogs and utilize messaging features to set up in-person or video meetings.

Create Your Own Career

Original session hosted on 7/7 featuring Jessica Modkins & Daylyn Presely


  • Foster positive relationships and identify strong mentors.
  • Identify your specialty and utilize it to attract clients who identify with your niche.
  • Always put your reputation first, prioritize your values and positive relationships above all else.
  • Be a life-long student, constantly seek new opportunities for learning and skill development.

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