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Campaigning in the era of COVID, Cancel Culture and TikTok

Campaigning in the era of COVID, Cancel Culture and TikTok

What is the role of digital marketing communications and digital strategies in political campaigns?

  • Often communications lead on campaigns are former press secretaries and journalists.
  • If there is a social media strategist, they are typically very junior and not seated at the decision-making table.
  • For digital strategies to be effective in political campaigns, the candidate and their team must consider their audience and what channels they consume.
  • Many campaigns use TV ads and direct mail marketing tactics, but this is no longer resonating with the rising, youth audience.

Budgets and the entire focus of political campaigns have been largely impacted by COVID-19, how should candidates adapt during these times?

  • Strategists must consider that elections are not the main concern in individuals lives, they are concerned about their children, how COVID-19 has impacted their work and keep their love ones safe and healthy.
  • More people are home due to the pandemic and spending time online, it is important that budgeting goes to digital advertising to reach voters effectively.

While we understand the importance of digital campaign strategies for presidential campaigns, what about smaller, local campaigns?

  • Facebook is currently consider banning political advertising on the platform in order to prevent the spread of disinformation.
  • Social media advertising is a low-cost way for local campaigns to reach their audience and a ban could negatively impact local campaign strategy.
  • The smaller your campaign and budget, the more strategic you need to be in order to make each dollar count.

How relevant are “new” platforms, such as Snapchat and TikTok, for campaigns?

  • Strategists should always take the time to learn and understand how to create effective content for these platforms.
  • Many of these new platforms do not have a place in political campaign strategy.
  • With platforms like TikTok being so new, integrating them into you campaign strategy now may not be worth the time. If TikTok persists in popularity, future campaigns will need to learn how to effectively leverage it.

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