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Marketing Communications Today is a collection of resources for marketing communications professionals filled with industry research, marketing trends, and career information about integrated marketing and data-driven communications. Learn industry insights through the Marketing Communications Today blog, podcast, as well as Integrate Online.

Fueled by the academic innovation coming out of WVU’s own Integrated Marketing Communications, Data Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing Communications programs, this content will provide both aspiring learners and seasoned marketing professionals with better insights into what’s now and what’s next in marketing and communications.

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Addressing Youth & Social Justice with Digital Media

With the changes in digital consumption behaviors and the rise in social justice, how do marketers reach a younger audience while also bringing light to what needs addressed in this critical time? Join Eric SanInocencio, Associate Commissioner of Strategic Digital Media, as he discusses successful tactics used by the ACC and how the industry is addressing social justice in 2020.

Amy Teller: In terms of digital marketing, what have been one of the most successful strategies you have seen since the beginning of the pandemic?

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"Ask Me Anything" Fall Twitter Chat Recap

On September 23, 2020 the WVU Marketing Communications Online Programs and Enrollment Specialist Ryan Minnigh hosted an " Ask Me Anything" style Twitter chat to answer FAQ's about the online graduate programs. Using the hashtag #wvuimctwitterchat, participants were able to ask any questions they had about the program structure, content, application process and more.

Missed the live Twitter chat session? Here is a recap of the most popular FAQ's:

What are the application requirements for the WVU Marketing Communications graduate programs?

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Navigating the Marketing, Communications and Public Relations Industry as a Young Pro

Public Relations Student Society of America National Committee members and undergraduate PR student, Zane Landin, will discuss how young professionals are breaking into the marketing communications industry and adapting during these times. Zane will be discussing how young pros can stand out, contribute to the evolution of traditional ideas of marketing, and overcome obstacles in professional development in the face of COVID-19.

Matthew Cummings: I >would imagine in your role as VP of career services for PRSSA, that it comes with a mix of working with students so they can ready themselves for a long career in this field, but also advocating for students. What do you think is unique about young people, and what they bring to the table as they're entering the field that employers should really be excited about?

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Meet the Marketing Communications Class of Fall 2020

Each semester the WVU Marketing Communications program is excited to welcome a new group of individuals into the MCNetwork. The WVU Marketing Communications graduate student population consistently varies in their levels of experience and expertise, with some just completing their undergraduate studies to those holding senior-leadership positions at the worlds most elite agencies and brands. Each students brings unique style and perspective to the program.

Meet some of the students who will be joining the WVU Marketing Communications Network in the early fall semester:

M.S. Integrated Marketing Communications

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How Marketers are Reinventing Collaboration During this Pandemic

COVID-19 has forced marketing teams to rapidly adapt their communication and operational strategies to a work from home environment. With these highly collaborative teams forced to adapt to virtual methods how do they preserve productivity and inspire creativity? Join special guest Xenia Muntean, CEO of Planable, for a discussion about how effective teams are overcoming obstacles and achieving great success in a world of forced innovation and adaption.

Cyndi Greenglass: Where are you calling in from today?

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Integrate Online: COVID-19 effect on NCAA-20

With the challenges of COVID-19, how do collegiate sports continue to promote their brand while pivoting to virtual options? Now more than ever, marketers are needed to be agile, keep fans engaged and keep the traditions alive. Join special guests Jenn Cartmille, Director of Marketing, Greater Columbus Sports Commission and Eric SanInocencio, Associate Commissioner of Strategic Digital Media, Atlantic Coast Conference, moderated by Bill Nevin, Assistant Vice President of Communications for the WVU Foundation as they discuss how NCAA-20 has been affected by COVID-19.

Bill Nevin: How are you and your marketing teams adjusting to this "new normal?"

Jenn Cartmille: I almost feel like we need to wipe "new normal" and just call it normal. I don't think sports are ever going to look quite the same. I don't know what they will look like, but I have this gut feeling. I have been talking to some of our institutions about whether normal will include fans in the stands, or if it will be a little different. We are used to things being so calculated, as a strategic department, and things just can't be that way anymore.

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Tips for Online Learning

COVID-19 has caused many colleges, universities and event K-12 schools to transition to fully-online learning. For WVU Marketing Communications students this new idea of online learning is nothing out of the ordinary, but can be difficult for those just beginning their first courses.

If you are still adjusting to the online learning format, or looking for ways to enhance your virtual education experience, here are a few tips:

1. Find a Dedicated Study Space

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The Power of Diversity in Building a Creative Team – Are Marketing Teams Doing it Right?

The ability to integrate different viewpoints enhances creativity or brings a creative solution to a problem. But why is it more relevant today? The world is way more diverse today, and the need to gauge the various groups’ dynamics is by building a team that has a better understanding of the mindsets. Crafting messages and setting a tone that resonates with these groups are no more an option.

Michael Lynch: Why is building a diverse marketing team so important?

Mahua Chatterjee: I think one of the first considerations that we really need to understand here is the social media scenario today. Campaigns nowadays are constantly under public scrutiny. What years back could have easily slipped through, today, end up being viral in a matter of a few seconds. Having that right mix of marketers from different backgrounds definitely helps get the right perspective on the table and understanding of different communities and groups also becomes relevant that way.

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Feeling Stuck? 4 Irrefutable Truths for Advancing Your PR Career

It’s a competitive field – no doubt about it. Beyond just growing your network, creating a job search (or professional development) strategy and being an excellent communicator, what tried-and-true skills will help you be highly successful in a PR career?

Here’s my best advice, informed by my experience: While this isn’t a comprehensive list of tips, these are four (sometimes less obvious) principles that will help you distinguish yourself in this field.

1. Identify a handful of people who have the job you want.

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A Tale of Two Brands: The Business and Yours

In the immortal words of Charles Dickens, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Covid-19 is challenging businesses and careers at an unprecedented rate. Organizations are transforming to meet previously unfathomable needs of their stakeholders. New skillsets are required to deliver experiences in a virtual world. How are you responding to all these changes? Whether you are a seasoned professional or early in your career, what your business and personal brand project will determine if this is the best or worst of times for you.

Whitney Drake: How should brands adapt to stay relevant with their stakeholders during times of drastic change such as COVID-19?

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