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"Ask Me Anything" Fall Twitter Chat Recap

Twitter Chat Recap

On September 23, 2020 the WVU Marketing Communications Online Programs and Enrollment Specialist Ryan Minnigh hosted an " Ask Me Anything" style Twitter chat to answer FAQ's about the online graduate programs. Using the hashtag #wvuimctwitterchat, participants were able to ask any questions they had about the program structure, content, application process and more.

Missed the live Twitter chat session? Here is a recap of the most popular FAQ's:

What are the application requirements for the WVU Marketing Communications graduate programs?

Ryan Minnigh: You need 4 items to apply for admission to our programs:

  1. The online application for admission.
  2. A current, up-to-date resume.
  3. A personal statement detailing your interest in the program.
  4. Official transcripts from your undergraduate institution! — PS: No GRE required.

What makes a "good" personal statement?

Ryan Minnigh: We do not necessarily have a length requirement, but I generally recommend between 1-2 pages! Additionally, I recommend including the following:

  1. A little bit about who you are.
  2. Why do you want to pursue this degree?
  3. What are your goals after completing the program?

How long after I apply will I get my decision?

Ryan Minnigh: Once we have all your application materials, it typically takes us about 24-48 to meet as an admission committee and make your admissions decision!

What changes when I add an AOE to my M.S. IMC studies?

Ryan Minnigh: If you add an AOE to your IMC degree, you will take on extra elective class, bumping your total classes from 10 to 11. This will also pre-select your electives for you. However, an AOE will also show up on your transcripts!

How long does it take to complete a degree program?

Ryan Minnigh: Each program is a little bit different:

These numbers are not set in stone, but are the general timelines for completion in each program!

Are there laptop requirements for the programs?

Ryan Minnigh: No laptop requirements, Mac or PC will do just fine! Just be sure to update your browser regularly if needed! I may also recommend using a different browser in place of Safari if you use a Mac!

What is the MC Network?

Ryan Minnigh: The MC Network is an exclusive network of alumni and current students in the Marketing Communications programs. It is a database of all alumni and there is an exclusive job board for those in the network! It is another great place to connect with current and past students!

What programs does WVU Marketing Communications graduate programs offer for alumni?

Ryan Minnigh: We have just introduced an alumni lifelong learning rate for graduates of our master’s programs! This rate allows you to come back and take an individual course, certificate or another degree at a reduced rate!

Additionally, if you have recently obtained a new job or promotion, let us know so we can feature you in our Alumni On The Move section! We love celebrating our alumni’s success!

What kind of jobs do WVU Marketing Communications alumni have?

Ryan Minnigh: The possibilities are truly endless. Our 1,500+ alumni hold a multitude of different positions. Just a few for reference: Marketing Director, Senior Marketing Manager, Senior Social Content Manager, Digital Media Specialist, Corporate Communications Specialist!

How time consuming are courses per week?

Ryan Minnigh: It certainly varies by the student and the courses, but I generally recommend about 10-15 hours a week per course! Make sure you set time aside for your assignments each week!

What type of assignments are included in WVU Marketing Communications courses?

Ryan Minnigh: We believe in giving students a hands-on experience and giving them practical knowledge that will benefit them in their field. Students can expect to do one writing assignment a week coupled with a discussion board post and at least 4 responses to classmates!

Also, worth noting, that there are no tests in our programs. They are more writing intensive!

Interested in growing your career with a master's degree in Data, Digital or Integrated Marketing Communications? Request more information today!

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