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New Year's Resolutions: Professional Goals for 2021 Twitter Chat Recap

New Year's Resolutions Twitter Chat

After an unpredictable 2020, many marketing communications professionals are ready to seek new opportunities in 2021. On December 14 the WVU Marketing Communications Graduate Programs hosted a Twitter Chat for faculty, staff, students and professionals to discuss their career and academic goals for 2021.

If you missed the Twitter Chat, please view the recap below or visit the @wvuimc Twitter page.

Q1: What are your professional/career goals for 2021?

@EmilyZekonis on Twitter

@WVUIMCRecruiter on Twitter

Q2: What is your best advice for upgrading your personal brand?

Hugo Perez


Q3: What advice do you have for those seeking new opportunities in 2021?


@CaitlinnnMaryy on Twitter

Q4: How do you plan to grow your professional connections in 2021?

@itsnothantastic on Twitter

@EmilyZekonis on Twitter

Q5: What topics in the industry do you hope to learn more about in 2021?

Ryan Minnigh

Stefanie Moore

Interested in more predictions for 2021? Read or download our "Predictions for 2021 Marketing Communications Trends" PDF.

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