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Meet the Newest WVU Marketing Communications Brand Ambassadors

Meet the newest Marketing Communications Brand Ambassadors

A brand ambassador is typically thought of as a "spokesperson" for brand, product or organization. The insight that the individual might be paid implies their recommendations and reviews are inauthentic and untrustworthy. However — that is not the case of all brand ambassadors.

Brand ambassadors can be individuals who authentically promote a brand, product or organization because of their genuine passion, admiration or desire to share their opinions on it. The individual will share recommendations or products, goods or services, share events hosted by brands and receive exclusive perks and recognition in return.

WVU Marketing Marketing Communications has officially selected its second group of brand ambassadors for the 2020/2021 academic year! This group includes highly engaged alumni and current students who have exceptional achievements in their academic and professional career.

Learn more about our brand ambassadors below and consider applying for the program today.

Nicole AndinoNicole Andino

Integrated Marketing Communications (Current Student)
Orlando, FL
Current Job Title: Visual Marketing Graduate Assistant

Career Aspirations: After college, I hope to pursue my dream of working for an international agency and traveling around the world. I have worked accounts with international clients to provide creative insight to improve their relations. One day I hope to work in an agency dedicated to partnering with clients globally. I believe this dream will diversify my skills and network in the future.
Interests: My hobbies include photography and marketing for small businesses and clients. I find happiness in providing creative insight to bring solutions to businesses and clients in need. Especially due to the COVID-19 virus, many businesses have closed. I have found enjoyment in providing assistance to improve online communication with their audience. For the 2020-2021 school year, I will be the president of the WVU Media Coalition to work with outreach for all independent and dependent student organizations under the Reed College of Media. I will continue as the Digital Media Director for WVU PRSSA, return as the Event Planning Chair for TEDxWVU, and be a part of the Media Team for the Mountaineer Maniacs.

Connect with Nicole:

Twitter: @nicole_andino
LinkedIn: Nicole Andino
Instagram: @nicole.andino
Facebook: Nicole Andino

Erin FieldsErin Fields

Integrated Marketing Communications (Current Student)
Morgantown, WV
Current Job Title: Program Coordinator at WVU Office of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment

Career Aspirations: I look forward to continuing to work and grow in higher education, an industry that I am incredibly passionate about! While I started in marketing by doing social media, my interests have gravitated toward web development, coding, and graphic design.
Interests: Living out my faith, playing guitar, archery, tinkering with technology, cheering on WVU athletics

Connect with Erin:

Twitter: @erfieldstweets
LinkedIn: Erin Fields

Jamie HuntJaime Hunt

Integrated Marketing Communications (Alumni)
Oxford, OH
Current Job Title: Vice President and Chief Communications and Marketing Officer at Miami University of Ohio

Career Aspirations: I am currently in my dream job: leading a team of talented communications and marketing professionals at a terrific university. I hope that I can continue to do a job that I love using the skills I have gained over my career and from my time in the IMC program at WVU. I would love to retire early and do consulting at some point -- with flexibility to live anywhere in the country.
Interests: When I'm not at work, I prefer to be outdoors, ideally hiking or reading on the deck, or engaging in one of my creative outlets: photography, painting, sewing, and writing.

Connect with Jaime:

Twitter: @jaimehuntIMC
LinkedIn: Jaime Hunt

Maurice PierceMaurice Pierce

Integrated Marketing Communications (Alumni)
Houston, TX

Career Aspirations: I am working to inspire my generation to become what they want to become. By doing this, I am aspiring to create my own communications firm and I am currently working towards becoming an Olympic athlete.
Interests: I love sports, to exercise, and all things digital.

Connect with Maurice:

TikTok: @mauricepierce6
LinkedIn: Maurice Pierce 
Instagram: @dreamful_journeys
Facebook: Chris Pierce

Brittany ScheidemantelBrittany Scheidemantel

Integrated Marketing Communications (Alumni)
Columbus, Ohio
Current Job Title: Consultant, Communications Business Partner at Cardinal Health

Career Aspirations: I recently began a new career within an incredible company. I hope to spend a few years at Cardinal Health and grow with the company, with the goals of learning new skills and becoming a more well-rounded communicator. However, long-term I aspire to become a professor. I have a unique background including television news, public affairs, public health, and now corporate communications. I am extremely passionate about learning and education, and I would love to bring what I have learned through my experiences to help students fulfill their career goals.
Interests: Teaching fitness classes, videography, reading, skiing, and hiking with my husband and two corgis.

Connect with Brittany:

Twitter: @brittanylauffer
LinkedIn: Brittany Scheidemantel
Instagram: @brittanyscheidemantel

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