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Landing a job during a Pandemic

Landing a job during a Pandemic Featuring Sasha Sampedro and Joseph Golden at Omnicom Health Group

Omnicom Health Group is the largest healthcare marketing and communications network in the world, with more than a dozen companies and over 4,000 talented people specializing in every area of health. Our people come from every corner of science, medicine, marketing, and communications, partnering with clients—and connecting with each other— to achieve meaningful change through better, more innovative communications. We hope this session can help students pick up skills that can help them land a job!

Susan K. Jones: What are your best tips for designing a resume and also what should not be on there?

Joe Golden: I'm not a big fan of fancy resumes. We deal with creatives a lot and they sometimes get a little too creative. Simple is best—your name, your education, your experience, your hobbies, your skillset. Make it clear. It has to be easily readable, easily navigable and just has to look good to the eye.

Sasha Sampedro: I agree, and give a good description of what you did in the past. We can all figure it out in a nutshell what a project manager does, but give us a rundown of your responsibilities. Don't just write down what you think we want to see we, you know, hiring managers are really good at spotting things you copy from the job description versus this is actually something you did.

Susan: Should there be an objective at the top?

Sasha: I personally don't think so. I think that you need to come in with a strong resume that tells us a little bit about your school, a little bit about your experience and a little bit about your interests who you are as a person. We're trying to get to know if you are a good fit for the agency.

Joe: I don't even read the objective. I read a resume from the bottom up. I check the education and major. There should be something about your hobbies. I want to relate to the person and some of the best conversations I've had I picked something out of that. That's where you get the person's real personality. When you're not talking about what's on your resume. You're talking about what they love to do, how they grew up or where they grew up.

Susan: What skills, specifically are important for job seekers in today's industry?

Sasha: I think it's really about picking up skills that are transferable online. It’s easy to appear well together and look good in person, but now with COVID-19, you have to now pay attention to your background on a Zoom interview. Hiring managers sometimes can see that as a lack of structure or lack of coordination or not strategically thinking of your outside and past yourself and more of your background. It's also about seeing what environment you're showing and what story you're telling. Think creatively and strategically when you're meeting with people that you don't know.

Joe: For right out of school, the best thing you could bring me is personality, energy and an openness and a wanting to learn. You're not selling your degree. You really didn't pick up anything in school dramatically that's going to make you a superstar coming in here. It's basically a focus your energy and your personality. Do research on the recruiters, and if not us, the company. Look at our profiles, pick out something that maybe there's some common ground, anything that will get you in or an end to build a deeper conversation is what you want to do.

Susan: How do you prepare for this virtual work environment as a college student?

Sasha: Doing research on the company and doing research on the people that you're interviewing. It's just about being one step ahead because you need to be able to carry a conversation online and believe it or not, it is a little difficult than it is in person when you are right next to the hiring manager. You need to be able to really Know what you're going to say. If you're fresh out of college and you have the opportunity to go into the office, go in. You will understand the culture internally better, and you'll understand the key things of what runs the agency.

Susan: Is it appropriate for candidates to directly message HR talent acquisition specialist about opportunities and if so, how?

Joe: You should be finding us that that's the best way to get a job. Find the people who do what we do, and connect with us. If you have the skill set that I'm looking for, and you reach out to me on LinkedIn, you're going to get a response. LinkedIn is the most valuable tool.

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