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Marketing Communications Today is a collection of resources for marketing communications professionals filled with industry research, marketing trends, and career information about integrated marketing and data-driven communications. Learn industry insights through the Marketing Communications Today blog, podcast, as well as Integrate Online.

Fueled by the academic innovation coming out of WVU’s own Integrated Marketing Communications, Data Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing Communications programs, this content will provide both aspiring learners and seasoned marketing professionals with better insights into what’s now and what’s next in marketing and communications.

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[Alumni Feature] Why I Came Back To Expand My Skill Set

Kat Shanahan graduated from the Integrated Marketing Communications Online Master's Program in 2015 and decided to come back to earn the Data Marketing Communications Graduate Certificate in 2020. Since coming back, Kat was promoted from Senior Director of Strategic Marketing to Vice President, Marketing & Business Engagement.

Join Kat to understand why she decided to come back for a graduate certificate.

What inspired you to start the Data Marketing Communications Master’s Certificate after completing the IMC program?

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[Faculty Insights] Journey to Fully Knowing the Customer

We often find ourselves in a bind today related to having enough, or actually, the correct information about our customers. We want to be highly personal, and we do not want to step over the line but doing that requires a great deal of knowledge. 

Today, collecting data and information on our visitors to our sites, to our apps and to our social media platforms is fairly easy. There are also numerous third party entities that are collecting data. But solid knowledge is not something we have full access to right from the beginning. It needs to develop and unfold over time. Personalization – true personalization – often requires ongoing interactions and history. We may get some idea early on about the visitor, but building a profile over time that is using our data, and not someone else’s data, is the best method of achieving true personalization. 

Mobile has been tremendously helpful in building customer profiles, but it has also made the customer more unpredictable. It is very easy for a customer to learn what they want by pulling out their phone and it has also made the customer journey all that much more unpredictable. 

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The Power of Diversity in Communications and Media

Join Toyin Awesu as she discusses the focus on the intersection of diversity in communications and news rooms around the country and how the shifting demographics of the United States plays a big role in this. When diversity is not prioritized we miss out on effectively convening our desired messages.Effective communications can impact policy decisions, brand perception, product marketing, civic engagement and much more. We must harness the power of diversity to determine how and what we communicate.

Toyin is an experienced communications and media relations professional who is passionate about using her skills to help organizations shape public opinion and drive policy changes to build more equitable societies.

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Communicating Culture Change Pt. 2

In the wake of recent acts of violence against the Black community, another social justice movement has taken hold in the United States. As many Americans explore their individual roles in this movement, how can marketing and communications professionals use their specific skills to both effect change within their organizations and communicate an obligation to diversity, equity and inclusion to their constituents?

In honor of Black History Month, join us for part 2 of communicating culture change with Kayla Reed, Co-Founder and Director of Action St. Louis and Eric Winkfield, Vice President, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at M Booth, moderated by Ranata Hughes, Florida A&M University Visiting Instructor, for an Integrate Online session focusing on effecting change with cultural communication.

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Analyzing Super Bowl Commercials Twitter Chat Recap

Every year, many brands spend a lot of time working on the perfect Super Bowl commercial. On February 8, the WVU Marketing Communications Graduate Programs hosted a Twitter Chat for faculty, staff, students and professionals to discuss what they thought of the Super Bowl ads for 2021.

If you missed the Twitter Chat, please view the recap below or visit the @wvuimc Twitter page.

Q1: What was the best Super Bowl Commercial of 2021? Why?

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Why You (Yes, You) Need A Personal Brand

Personal brands aren't just for online lifestyle influencers. In fact, personal brands have been a key part of professional networking forever! And if you've ever met anyone, guess what: you've already got one. Join us as we discuss personal branding in the professional sphere, and how to take control of yours so that you're known and remembered for the right things.

Christine Gritmon joins us as she empowers small business owners and solopreneurs to tell their own stories on social media. You CAN do it – she’ll teach you how! She’s spoken on stages worldwide and is a frequent expert guest on podcasts, live streams, Twitter chats, and blog posts, as well as hosting her own weekly live show.

Amy Alyson Teller: When developing a personal brand, do you need to implement branding elements like a personal website, logo brand, colors or a specific font?

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[Alumni on the Move] Careers in Marketing Communications

The marketing communications programs at WVU have aided brilliant and talented people to achieve their dreams and to find success within the industry. As you think about your future career in Marketing Communications and consider advancing your degree, view the success of the WVU Marketing Communications Integrated Marketing Communications alumni.

Fiona Green joined Amazon as Sr. Marketing Manager on the brand team for Amazon Advertising, based in New York City. In her role, she leads the team's campaign strategy to elevate Amazon Advertising's position in the advertising industry. Recently, she launched a new executive interview series to hear how industry leaders are responding to recent global events, like COVID-19. The first interview of the series featured Mark Read, the global CEO of WPP, the world's largest advertising agency.

As of February 1, 2021, Jason was hired as Manager of Marketing Operations for the Memphis Grizzlies. In this role, he will drive effective cross-functional teamwork and be the champion of collaboration and communication. The Marketing Operations Manager is instrumental in establishing and managing the marketing business processes of the organization. It will be the responsibility of this critical resource to build and manage the Business Operations Campaign Calendar, align stakeholders, create and maintain project schedules, determine interdepartmental dependencies, track progress and proactively communicate risks to stakeholders.

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