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Marketing Communications Today is a collection of resources for marketing communications professionals filled with industry research, marketing trends, and career information about integrated marketing and data-driven communications. Learn industry insights through the Marketing Communications Today blog, podcast, as well as Integrate Online.

Fueled by the academic innovation coming out of WVU’s own Integrated Marketing Communications, Data Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing Communications programs, this content will provide both aspiring learners and seasoned marketing professionals with better insights into what’s now and what’s next in marketing and communications.

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The Future Belongs to RevTech

Seth Marrs, the Forrester analyst who follows sales technology, painted an exhilarating picture of the future of SalesTech, saying it will combine with MarTech into an entirely new way of going to market — along with a new organizational function called Revenue Teams. Primarily focused on the B2B ecosystem, but with consumer applications — especially for call centers — this developing technology is enabling an end-to-end customer experience driven by conversational intelligence, NLP (natural language processing), AI, and real-time data capture and analysis. In fact, Seth believes the future will be about opportunities and not leads, and this tech gives us a brand new container for our engagement experience, resulting in more powerful roles for marketing, higher revenues, and customer satisfaction overall. Sounds great. Give a listen!

Cyndi Greenglass: What is sales tech?

Seth Marrs: Sales tech is everywhere now, and I think that's largely due to the deficiencies that have come up in CRM and companies coming up with unique ways to add value to a seller. Sales tech is really about helping the seller improve efficiency, helping the seller with insights that are valuable and helping them close deals and prospects. If you think about a seller’s job, the things that add value or add insights have traditionally been very hard to understand because the value of a seller is in their interaction between the buyer and them. That's traditionally been off limits for the most part. Those conversations happen, and it was whatever the seller said happened is what happened. But with tools like Gong and Chorus and some of these other conversation intelligence tools, and with the pandemic and everyone working from home, that sped up a new form of technology and sales tech, which is capturing those interactions and using natural language processing to understand what those interactions mean. And then taking that and translating that back to the seller and actually giving them insights that maybe they didn't know.

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Meet Bill Nevin, M.S. IMC ’06 and IMC 610 Instructor

Join Bill Nevin, M.S. IMC, as he discusses the IMC 610 Introduction to IMC class, his time in the program, as well as his tips for time management. Bill is the Associate Vice President of Communications for the West Virginia University Foundation, an adjunct instructor in the M.S. IMC program, and an instructor for the Higher Education Marketing Industry Focused Cohort.

Interested in growing your career with a master's degree in Data, Digital or Integrated Marketing Communications? Request more information today!

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Marketing Horizons First Half Roundup 2022

Recorded live from the Innovation Center at WVU Reed College of Media, Ruth Stevens and Cyndi Greenglass look at the fascinating marketing trends shared on their podcast over the first half of 2022. Included in the discussion are insights on the complex evolution of the customer experience (CX), the emerging power of Gen X as an audience, the importance of your digital first impression, the future of events, humanizing measurement, and connected TV (CTV). Don’t miss this opportunity to catch the highlights of the first half of 2022 and the marketing waves Cyndi and Ruth are riding over the horizon.

The landscape of higher education has experienced major changes, but it is set to undergo a sweeping transformation in the years ahead. We need to prepare for that with three main focuses:

Ideas for virtual events:

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