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Meet Bill Nevin, M.S. IMC ’06 and IMC 610 Instructor

Join Bill Nevin, M.S. IMC, as he discusses the IMC 610 Introduction to IMC class, his time in the program, as well as his tips for time management. Bill is the Associate Vice President of Communications for the West Virginia University Foundation, an adjunct instructor in the M.S. IMC program, and an instructor for the Higher Education Marketing Industry Focused Cohort.

Here’s a few tip from Bill

  • I think the beauty of the first course that you have in this program is, it’s an introductory course. You learn all about what IMC is and, at the same time, you are putting together an IMC Campaign.
  • A lot of the faculty are former students. They know what you’ve been through, like I do. I kind of know what students go through. I was in my 30s at the time. I had to go back to school and learn those old tricks again. The whole online aspect was new to me. I had to learn that at the same time. So, as the instructor, I do a little bit of hand holding to help you get settled.
  • When I was working full time in higher ed and was taking classes, I found the weekend to really be my time to get things accomplished. There is some sacrifice involved. With it being online, it's not like you have to go to a class at a certain time and you can figure out your schedule in the first weeks of that first class and make it work.
  • It is demanding, but you can set your own schedule and the flexibility of online learning is fantastic.
  • You’ll learn a lot, there’s great professors, you will network. You will be more valuable with this degree and it will advance your career.

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