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Time Management Workshop Recap

Amanda and Bre, our advisor and enrollment coach, bring us tips and tricks for being successful our fully online master’s degrees in Marketing Communications. Learn what to expect in the classroom and ways to juggle work and school, while maintaining a personal life.

What to Expect in the Classroom

A Typical Week as a Marcom Student

Poor Time Management can lead to:

  1. Losing points on late assignments.
  2. Receiving a zero on an assignment you never completed.
  3. Dropping classes that prolong graduation.
  4. Damaging your GPA with the effects from above.

How to Succeed with Time Management

Understanding your reasons for choosing something or your motivations will help you stay on track.

Here are some ways to stay on track:

  1. What’s your why?
  2. How are you motivated?
  3. How do you stay motivated?
  4. Identify your priorities.
  5. Practice successful scheduling!

Now, what is successful scheduling? Maybe a planner isn’t your go-to, but you need to find your groove. Here are a few tips to implement successful scheduling:

  1. Plan your timing for reading and research.
  2. Block your schedule to elevate stress and set a time to focus.
  3. Review and use your syllabus, add those deadlines to your calendar.
  4. Be sure to schedule breaks. You don’t have to cancel social gatherings, they might help you clear your mind.
WVU Marketing Communications Sample Schedule

What’s your Backup Plan?

Life happens. Be sure to have a plan in place to help you overcome obstacles and avoid roadblocks.

Have a Support Team

Whether it is family, friends or co-workers, having someone in your corner can be helpful and encouraging.

Tips from Current Students

  • I have a family calendar which I share with everyone in the house — they know when I have schoolwork due. I also have a family meeting and let everyone know in my house what class I am taking and tell them when I am not available both of these are not only good for blocking my time — but good for accountability. They will tell me — hey, don't you have a school assignment to do?
  • My mom calls me every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to make sure I submitted my homework — hilarious but so supportive!
  • I have found that having a "buddy" in class is really helpful. For example, I've had 2 classes with Nora and we check in on each other/ask questions. I think it's great to form a relationship like that with fellow students that are going through it too.
  • One thing I did was create an Outlook Calendar and share it with my boss. That way he has all of my deadlines.
  • Use bookmarks in Chrome and save your stuff.
  • On my Google Drive, I have a WVU folder and I create a folder for every class. I save everything, my discussions, responses, fellow students' responses and assignments. I also have a resources folder where I save any shared articles. I also keep every class’ grades in a Google Sheet. I have a bookmark folder system as well with every document link from the Library.

And, know that your WVU Support Team is here to help! Reach out, ask questions and lean on us. It’s what we are here for!

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