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What Our Students Say

Bailee Miller

“The IMC program is an online program that is geared toward those pursuing higher education without sacrificing time in the office or with their families. The flexible schedule allows students to take time off when needed and tackle classes from any location. I personally chose the IMC program, because I knew I wanted a program that would allow me to work while pursuing my degree. The IMC program doesn’t just allow this but encourages us to take what we’re learning and apply it directly to our current jobs. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve referenced the program while in brainstorming meetings!” – Bailee Miller, Dec. 2018 Graduate

Holly Legleiter

“I really enjoy that the faculty, they’re all over the United States and they have a lot of hands-on information to give you and a lot of practical approaches. They’re very much on top of their game. Also, the coursework is very up-to-date and relevant.” – Holly Legleiter

Josh Wilson

“It’s not easy, it’s not supposed to be easy. This is an 18-month program, and if you were to cohort it’s back to back it’s about two  courses for each time, but is it manageable? 100%. I found a way that I could do it, but it was some long nights and a lot of reading. Pretty much a lot of my lunch breaks, all of my lunch breaks were that way. I have two young kids; at the time, my daughter was one, and my son was three. So, for me it was once we had dinner, clean up the house and put them to bed, I am up late doing course work, but is it rewarding? 100%. Is it doable? 100%.” – Josh Wilson

Bridget Kunz

“Whether or not you agree that marketing is both an art and a science, it is arguably one of the most dynamic fields in which practitioners have the opportunity to learn about a myriad of industries —some imaginative and some technical. There are SEO Managers who probably never imagined they would know a playground design company inside and out. I personally have a plethora of knowledge about in-ground swimming pool construction. Considering my undergraduate background is in drawing, I certainly never pictured myself diving headfirst into the world of swimming pool engineering. Yes, that cheesy pun was intentional! At the end of the day, whether you aspire to specialize in a particular aspect of marketing or to be a marketing unicorn, the IMC graduate program is an excellent way to jumpstart your career or refine your existing expertise.” – Bridget Kunz

Aaliyah Wilkerson

“You can’t go wrong with the program’s flexibility and knowledgeable faculty. Although it is an online program, the experience isn't like the typical online class in undergrad that I was used to. The professors know your name and work quality, and they offer you professional advice to ensure you are at your best. With the IMC program, you don’t have to choose between going straight into the workforce or pursuing an education—you can do both from a fully respected and accredited university. And the best part…you can practice what you learn in the classroom at your job!” – Aaliyah Wilkerson