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Black Friday Strategies: The Different Approaches Being Used Today


Black Friday Strategies Being Used Today

Black Friday is an annual event that excites millions of customers around the world, especially in the U.S. But, customers aren’t the only ones getting excited for this special day of the year. Every marketing department looks forward to taking advantage of Black Friday, as it is a huge opportunity to increase company sales and growth. So, what strategies and ads are working the best for marketers each Black Friday?

The first strategy is simple. Have your ads display the deals and discounts for Black Friday, and that’s it. Nothing too fancy or over the top, but oftentimes it’s effective. This strategy works well for more well-known companies that customers already know of. Since everyone knows the brand, they can be straightforward and just display the deals that they are offering without any extra explanation. This strategy gets right to the point and gets customers interested fast!

Black Friday is a great day for marketers to try to convert regular customers into loyal customers, which is what this next strategy is all about. Ads for this strategy offer deals and discounts for customers who are part of their rewards program or memberships. This gets customers to sign up for these programs and encourages them to become more regular and loyal customers. If done right, this strategy can give companies sales on Black Friday, and even more sales from some of the same customers down the road!

Another unique strategy that companies use on Black Friday is focusing on making their customers feel appreciated when putting out ads and announcing deals. Companies can use this holiday opportunity to tell customers that the deals they are offering are to thank loyal customers for their support. This can give two benefits to the company at once: increased sales and improved brand image. Using this approach is a surefire way to get your customers feeling good about choosing your brand and feeling great about the deals you’re offering!

Social media is a great tool that companies use to market themselves today, so why not use it for Black Friday as well? Promoting your Black Friday deals on your social media accounts lets the people who follow you know of the deals you’ll have and gets the word out to new potential customers as well. Some companies use influencers to promote their deals on social media, which is another great way to get the deals and the company's name out to new viewers. Social media is a powerful marketing tool, so it makes sense to use it during the busiest shopping day of the year.

The last Black Friday strategy is one that you probably didn’t expect to be on the list. That strategy is to not have a Black Friday strategy at all! Black Friday deals are not ideal for every company out there. Some companies' branding and product lines are incompatible with this big deal mentality, so putting out Black Friday deals could be bad for the company. So, as weird as it may sound, for some companies, having no Black Friday strategy is the best strategy.

Not every Black Friday strategy will work for every company. As a marketer, you have to figure out which strategies fit your brand the best and which strategies you want to avoid. Ultimately, if you find the right strategy for your business, you will be on your way to a great Black Friday this year!

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