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Super Bowl Ad Blitz: Unveiling the Highlights


Super Bowl Ad Blitz

As people gathered on Super Bowl Sunday to watch the 2024 game, others also tuned in for another anticipated aspect: The commercials. This year was jam-packed with celebrity appearances — from Michael Cera, Ice Spice, Beyonce and so many more. Sentiment was also prevalent, making the audience feel nostalgia, joy and maybe even sadness. At $7 Million for 30 seconds of airtime, these brands needed something to make the advertisements stand out and become fan favorites. Let's take a journey through some of the most talked-about commercials of this year's big game.

Michael Cerave | Cerave

A humorous take on naming and one of the most talked about advertisements from the 2024 Super Bowl. Throughout the ad, Michael Cera acted as if the product was his own, which shows the audience a hilarious cameo and also what the product actually does. 

An American Love Story | Volkswagen

One of the most nostalgic and engaging ads from the night that took the audience through the history of Volkswagen and different eras that people have lived through. Volkswagen did an amazing job of creating an ad that so many different people can relate to, allowing for a memorable and emotionally conceptual ad. 

Hard Knocks: A Dove Big Game Film | Dove

Another sentimental ad was presented to the audience with Dove and their goals towards raising body positivity and female athletes. In a male-dominated sport such as football, it’s refreshing to see an ad geared towards raising up women, especially in athletics. Dove used an emotional advantage and hit all the right spots with their message of working together to support women. 

The Dunkings | Dunkin’ Donuts 

As important as sentimental ads can be, the humorous ones are oftentimes just as memorable and Dunkin’ Donuts nailed it. Featuring Ben Affleck (the king of Dunkin’), Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Jack Harlow, Jenifer Lopez and Fat Joe, the ad had a star-studded cast. Dunkin’ decided to revisit their commercial from last year and have Affleck try to win over Lopez by recruiting his friends for their boy band — The Dunkings. This ad embodies marketing tactics such as influencer utilization, humor and continuing a storyline, which made the ad rise quickly to the top. 

Like a Good Neighbaaaa | State Farm

In this State Farm masterpiece, Arnold Swartzenager and his Twins costar Danny Devito, configure how to properly pronounce neighbor. This ad is a great example of not only using humor to attract the audience but also a look back onto a movie that many have come to grow and love with two great memorable characters. 

Mr. P | Pringles

Chris Pratt looking like Mr. Pringle, was another ad that used humor and celebrity influence to grow in popularity. Attaching a household name such as Pratt with a key player in the chip world allows for the audience to relate his movies and roles with him appearing as Mr. Pringle, which is a great tool for gaining brand attention.

In conclusion, the commercials of the 2024 Super Bowl showcased a diverse array of themes, styles and messages. From ads so funny you’ll fall out of your seat to heartfelt storytelling, these ads entertained, inspired and provoked thought among viewers worldwide. As we eagerly anticipate next year's spectacle, one thing is certain: The commercials will continue to be an integral part of the Super Bowl experience, shaping our collective memories for years to come.

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