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Behind the Campaign: Member Stories with Josh Wilson


Josh Wilson is an award-winning marketing professional with more than 10 years of experience in financial institutions and government. He is passionate about combining data-driven marketing strategies with authentic content to provide measurable success. He currently serves as Senior Vice President of Marketing for Whitefish Credit Union, the largest credit union in Montana.

Wilson's recent campaign for Whitefish Credit Union focused on storytelling. In this anti-testimonial approach, his team shared the stories of credit union members. "The story is not necessarily about the business or the brand. Stories are about the people who are impacted by the brand."

Whitefish Credit Union presents Member Stories

Josh and his team developed a campaign around the Whitefish Credit Union’s members throughout northwest Montana, making the credit union just one part of their larger story. This allowed them to showcase a diverse range of individuals and the impact they have on their communities, highlighting the credit union's role in a more authentic and meaningful way.

While developing the campaign, they started identifying the types of individuals they wanted to feature and the campaign they wanted to create. From there, they built personas based on the stories they wanted to tell. “Through telling their story we're able to highlight how our brand has an impact throughout our communities” Wilson explains.

Using a data-driven approach, they were able to communicate the right message to the right person at the right time.

Another important aspect they focused on was measuring the effectiveness of the campaign. They looked at earned media coverage, community impact and engagement to gauge their success.

We were so excited for the campaign we developed because it made the front page of a local newspaper. People were talking about it. They shared it virally, and within our small communities in northwest Montana, we saw the content we produced and put on YouTube and Facebook and Instagram to go and be a wider reach than we ever have done through advertising and paid marketing.

Wilson used the knowledge he gained in the M.S. Data Marketing Communications program and shares this knowledge in the classes he now teaches at WVU.

One of the most exciting parts about my job is leading campaigns, and what excites me the most is finding a way to do something different in a way that leads the marketing space and leads our industry. Josh Wilson

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